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Replay feature for Alliance

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  • Replay feature for Alliance

    I was wondering if within the future updates for Alliances if there is a possibility of adding replays to attacks that we do on pvp? I feel like it would help members show them tips and tricks as to how to attack bases efficiently incase they are struggling.

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    Sounds like a good idea to me. People in alliances being able to view each others fights to learn or just enjoy.


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      This would be a really awesome idea considering a fair amount of other games also have this feature. Not only being able to just share your replay for your alliances enjoyment and watching your alliance crush other could also then help your members with strategies and see if they are good at attacking or not. It would also be really cool if you could also share defensive replays as well. That way you could also get insight on helping others with making a better defense.

      - Mr__Yuck__


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        Having that option would only create more of a burden on the servers. The game already lags enough as it i, loading takes also long. It be better to just make a YouTube account for your clan to upload and watch there


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          I would agree with you on the server part mendoza0206 but this isn't something I intend to be like: "oh lets have this feature now". As time goes by, servers need to be maintenance and improved from time to time. I'm sure the developers are aware of that so having the feature in the near future really isn't that much of an issue. It's more of the budget the developers have to increase power of their servers or capacity. Making a youtube account just to share a replay that I only want to show at the moment, in my opinion, is wasting time and making things complicated to show something that I can just share instantly within the game. Again, this suggestion isn't something that I want to be implemented like now, but as time goes and the servers start to grow in capacity and speed then maybe when the time comes it can be considered or looked at. Because all what the replays are doing right now per player is just downloading it in a way on your side. After that the server doesn't do anything to hinder you from watching the replay on less the game crashes or servers shutdown.