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Global Chat Is Much Needed (Alliance Recruiting)

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  • Global Chat Is Much Needed (Alliance Recruiting)

    This game needs a global chat now, more than ever before. With the introduction of a global chat system players could freely converse with other players across the world but I important feature of having a global chat would be to use it as a recruiting tool for alliances. Unless you are on the forums talking to people how are you suppose to get to know the community and other players around the world? What if I want to get some really good people in your clan that you know are good at attacking (attacked your base, attack record/difficulty) but you have no way to get to know them. IMO opinion creating a global chat is now a must for this game and if alliance vs alliance is going to be a real thing people/commanders are going to want better tools to be able to invite other players. Hopefully something like this could come out before Season 1 officially starts.


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    Maybe recruiting on the after battle screen. To talk we can use Psn messages, right?


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      I was thinking something like having a global chat next to the alliance chat where you could switch back and forth between the 2.


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        PSN chat works the same doesn't it?


        • Mr__Yuck__
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          Pretty much. You could make this happen with a few different group chats essentially where the game would put you in 1 of a few different chat groups depending on how many people were currently online. Then when you went to type into the global chat literally everyone online could see what you were saying. Directly or indirectly talking to other players from around the globe.

          - Mr__Yuck__