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  • Alliance battles' opponents

    I've tried one match from Alliance battles mode but I wasn't happy about the new update, why?

    Bcz I had no idea about my opponent's base, I had no idea which cards should I take!!

    I & most players study opponents' bases b4 attack to make sure & to pick right card attacks.

    So, if we pick wrong cards attacks; definitely we gonna lose the battles. Sometimes we know some info about a base yet we lose to that base bcz it's a strategy game not luck game. We win most battles by figuring out how to attack a certain bases not just throwing units & watch them how do they fight.
    Bases are different by design & by units, not all bases can be beat it with decoys, bcz they are designed against use of the decoys. Other bases are designed against use of FF, and so on.

    For example, I've attcked " DaniCamino" 5 times yesterday; I lost to his base 3 times & I won 2 times. Basically, it was wrong cards that I took with me & each time I was trying with different cards, units & from different side to find a weak spot.

    If Alliance Battles go that way; dear Devs u gonna screw it up & make it unenjoyable. What's the point of making opponents in Alliance battles are unknown?

    Dear Devs; you've already set 3 battles limit per day, so why we don't have all 3 opponents in Alliance Battles mode list? The list can not be changed until next day. This way attackers will have option to attack or to wait next day. Of course if attackers decide to wait next day they will not make any points to their Alliance team.

    I tried my best to express my points & to make it clear bcz I don't speak Eng fluently.
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    I like alliance battles and I like the "surprise" mode it makes for more challenging. So far I've won 2 out of every 3 matches I've played and I'm going against pretty good bases.


    • MO8E5795
      MO8E5795 commented
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      More challenging!? Or lottery challenging !?

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    So far I am batting 0/3 and the three bases I faced were INSANE to the very least. I didn't even know sniper towers could be placed in places people put them with trees/rocks being a good friend for defense. I applaud this concept for so many reasons since I wiped my base virtually clear of all stuff. In any case...its frustrating not knowing what I am up against...and that is a little numbing as I can imagine many players are going though this hiccup. For those that have it all figured out congrats to you men/women who are awesome!! Just will keep plugging away and hopefully I can win a battle later today against one of those amazing strong bases!!!


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      I won 5 out of 5 Alliance battles I went into so far. I think the opponents were more like 3 White Skull I typically find in PvP and I felt over prepared in terms of the cards I took in.

      I used up 5 Focus Fire, 4 Tactical Boots, 5 Paratroopers, 5 +2000 Munitions, and I think one Decoy. This drained my reserve of such cards I normally reserve for 3 Red Skull Nightmare opponents (especially in case of Retaliation opponents). Fortunately, needing to fight regular PVP to regain 200 Dog Tags to take on next Alliance Battle tends to restock some of the cards.

      I do like that Alliance Battles are picking your opponent automatically, but I also wish you could see some detail / difficulty rating so you can pick your loadout without necessarily taking your best troops / cards.

      In any case, it is a minor thing to me. For me, it is too early to have strong opinions about the way it is one way or the other.
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      • mendoza0206
        mendoza0206 commented
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        If you still have lv 3 nightmares wait till you loose them then you'll get to the good bases

      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        That is what I hear. Once my attacker rank goes up enough (is that by level or dog tags?), no more 3 Red Skull Nightmares but whatever is left (above 3 White Skull) are the toughest of the bases (regardless of what difficulty rating they show).

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      Moe, I like your idea of revealing at least SOME info before going into the alliance match. I'm not sure I'd want to know the name of the player, since then that means everyone would just reference your awesome YT channel as a roadmap to 3 star everyone lol.

      But instead just give us structure count and troop mix, but hide the troop decorations and player name, so it is more anonymous, but not a total shot in the dark.


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        Originally posted by xBino View Post
        Moe, I like your idea of revealing at least SOME info before going into the alliance match. I'm not sure I'd want to know the name of the player, since then that means everyone would just reference your awesome YT channel as a roadmap to 3 star everyone lol.

        But instead just give us structure count and troop mix, but hide the troop decorations and player name, so it is more anonymous, but not a total shot in the dark.
        You got what I want, i don't want to know player's name.
        I don't care if i lose too many times, I just want to not waste my cards. I can't take for ever Alliance battles my best cards especially 2-3k munitions, FF & Boots. For some bases u don't need to carry extra munitions or FF & so on.


        • xBino
          xBino commented
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          btw your english is pretty damn good. =)
          And yes, I am in total agreement with your suggestions!

        • MO8E5795
          MO8E5795 commented
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          Thx xbino, my English is good but i don't understand slang language so sometimes i can't share or reply to most topics bcz i don't get the right meaning of the concept.

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        I agree with MO8E, so far i've lost the 5 battles in went in.

        Bases were huge and as some people said structures were placed close to each other and in places i've not seen before and without the right cards I've only managed to get half way through their base before getting annihilated!!! I've attacked 3 red skull bases in the past and done ok, but some of the bases I've seen so far look far stronger than before.

        So far alliance battles are not looking good!!
        Very disappointing not been able to properly plan and, completely wasting a lot of attack cards.


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          I personally love the mystery aspect of the alliance battles. It puts me on edge and greatly adds to the intensity of the game. Besides, we already can see what to bring on pvp, so I think it's great that in alliance battles we're being dropped into unfamiliar bases, can only bring 5 trusty (knock on wood) cards, and immediately have to get our bearings, see what we're up against, and improvise to make it thru and win. More fast thinking and skill, less memory/ library referencing. Great addition to the overall game experience.


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            I like this new Alliances mode , although it's frustrating when I attack a base that is a mousetrap, where the troops go from one side to another like headless chickens.


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              The alliance battles are extremely lopsided to say the least. Ive played 9 now and only one was a good match for me. I am not having any fun facing a base I cant even get near. It sucks loosing everytime regardless of attack cards used. I could have 20000 munitions and still not break the first layer of some of these bases.


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                It's all about finding the right troop layout with perks and attack card loadout that fits your style of gameplay. Once you figure that out then you should win more than you lose. Obviously you will still lose but what fun would it be if it wasn't challenging? I personally use 2 decoys, FF, 3k munis and tac boots. For troops I ust grunts, riot, sniper, bombardier, commando and surgeon along with 10 3 diamond bombardiers for vets. and rarely do I ever use my vets. I also run poison bullets on grunts and volunteers on all the rest. I like volunteer because you have a chance of getting 2 for 1 which can save a ton of munis. I am by far not an expert but I seem to win about 7/10 alliance battles.


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                  i'm not complaining about the 'fog of war' of enemy bases, but why are we playing ALLIANCE battles vs players not in an ALLIANCE?


                  • OgeDong3000
                    OgeDong3000 commented
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                    To give us more variety, I'd hate to have to attack the same 5 high level bases over and over. I have fought a few players in alliance battles twice already and matched with one player 3 times out of 7 battles on the very first day. Today most of my matches were players I've never heard of, it's awesome to see something new. Saw a flamer setup I never would have before. Almost got me.

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                  My advice to everyone having trouble is to chat within your alliance and try a new load out. You'd be really surprised the difference swapping a few troops or perks could do for your army.


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                    What OgeDong3000 said


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                      The preparations . . .
                      The anticipation . . .
                      (I'm getting nervous tbh)
                      The Unknown . . .
                      This is intense!
                      The battle begins . . .
                      Oh the thrill of victory!
                      The agony of defeat!
                      And I realized, it's only a game.