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Alliance War Rewards

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  • Alliance War Rewards

    The Alliance Battles have been challenging and fun, but I feel like the reward structure is kind of silly. If the battles ended today 2nd place IMMORTALS with 91,700 points are getting the same rewards as 29th place Brothers in Arms with only 11,750 points. It seems like getting 80,000 more points ought to mean something! I would suggest that the top ten teams should be in a higher tier for rewards. At the very least there should be special rewards for the top 5 alliances.

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    That's a great idea.


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      I agree. Otherwise people will stop playing. And also rewards for the best players too. You play for your alliance, sure, but the best player should receive something.


      • Punk26704
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        I agree to this

      • DrBGood
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        Good point!

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      Rewards system, matchmaking, points system, the unpredictable truck, Gold buying, suicide squad, etc. and other "known" issues need to be fix (Oooppss not now but after the Season or else conspiracy theorists will come after you)


      • marcochila
        marcochila commented
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        Unfortunately we all know what's wrong. Lol. Hope they fix all bugs, correct errors, improve rewards and so on. One example is daily rewards. The same for day 7th and the same for 365th day.

        I personally want improvements on mission rewards and daily rewards.

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      Gold Tier badge is the consolation for failing to take the #1 Platinum spot.
      Silver Tier badge is the consolation for failing to break into top 3%
      Bronze is for any Alliance that manages to put in 2000 points and Silver is for any Alliance that manages to break into top 20%

      If Platinum badge is worth some Alliance spending lot of $$$ to get (enough to buy many times the Platinum award for each of its members) than Gold tier badge is also worth whatever time / money was spent trying to be Platinum.

      I don't agree that rewards should be any different based on how far / close you are to the next tier.

      How does some alliance at Rank 30 feel as Silver when Gold possibly 100 Alliance Points away at Rank 29 when the timer ends? Fact is the gap between Platinum and Gold is huge (over 20k) while the gap between Silver and Gold is very narrow (within 100s).
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