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Season 2 Reward Tiers Changed Drastically

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  • Season 2 Reward Tiers Changed Drastically

    During Season 1 one of the thoughts I had is that the top 3% and top 20% isn't broad enough when there were only 750 or so Alliances because top 3% didn't even include the top 50 Alliances. Someone said I shouldn't worry about it because eventually there will be enough Alliances that top 3% would easily cover top 50 Alliances.

    Now in Season 2, there are over 800 Alliances that have put in 10 or more Alliance Points (so not inactive carryovers from season 1), but there are literally just 3 Alliances currently being graded as Gold Tier because it seems the top 3% for Gold and and top 20% for Silver is only applying between alliances that have put in 1000 or more Alliance Points (i.e. already qualified for Bronze).

    This is a change from how it was in Season 1 and an unwelcome change because being in top 50 currently doesn't even qualify for Silver Tier, let alone Gold Tier.

    Please chime in your opinion for / against how the top 3% and top 20% are now being calculated in Season 2. I am personally against it because it reduces the pool of Alliances that will be qualifying for Gold / Silver significantly and I think that will only get worse as time goes on and less and less Alliances that bother reaching 1000+ Alliance Points as the Bronze qualifier before they start getting counted for Silver & Gold tier calculations.

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    I can relate to there are now 1300 teams/alliances. By my calculations that would mean at least 39 teams should be awarded gold tier rewards...not 21. Again not to sure what math SD-peers or whomever was responsible for do calculating. Just a part of me doesn't want to be in an alliance for that reason. Seeing this posted 22 days again I even doubt this will get a devs response.


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      I am very confident that they see everything. If they keep as it was in season 2, then it will be known that isn't a glitch but rather how they prefer things to be going forward.


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        Hi cusman. There was indeed a change to the calculations, moving from all alliances to only alliances that qualified for badges. This was offset by cutting the alliance points required for the bronze badge from 2000 to 1000. There will likely be more changes to the tiers in future seasons as we try to find the perfect balance for everyone. As always, thanks for your dedication and feedback.