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Alliance Battles vs. Xploits

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  • Alliance Battles vs. Xploits

    I don't know what the point of allaince battles is other than to encourage players to use the "easy" bases xploit to get easy points. Seems like every alliance is encouaged to make new accounts to get the "Platinum" badge which in my opinion is a joke now. There is no incentive to level up since when you do you have the chance to loose lv 2 or lv 3 nightmares which makes it even longer to get extra battles. And if you make it to a high level of win ratio against nightmares you get punished by the same way of loosing lv 2 and lv3 nightmares which means less munitions, less cards won per battle, less experience, and the only thing you gain is harder opponents but less rewards. So the "top" alliance points earner doesn't mean you had to battle good opponents neither the "Platinum" badge means that alliance overall is amongst the top alliances. So in my opinion alliance battles encourage cheating and using exploits to loose on purpose to get easier battles.

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    So many things are "allowed" and so many loopholes adhered to as to confront "fixes" that many players are not satisfied with.

    I made a post after A.B.1 hoping that the devs would have a Q & A before A.B. 3 starts. Too many things and situations not functioning optimally. The only way the devs can make Alliance Battles 3 & 4 the best they can be is by weighing out player feedback.


    • mendoza0206
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      Maybe they can figure out why a player can get over 10k alliance points without having to face true nightmares?

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    Alliance Battles aka Tour of Glitch Bases... At level 53, all I get are bases that exploit path glitches. No thanks. Makes the game boring. Unless they fix this bull soon, I'm done with Guns Up. It's just no fun any more.
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    • mendoza0206
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      I'm at level 60 and go against some of the best/hardest bases there is (immortals, Brazil elite, professionals) amongst others and I manage to win most of the time. At my level I playagainst very hard bases, the problem is people loosing on purpose to get easier bases to get more alliance points. It's hard to believe a player can get 10,000+ alliance points and never have to face a true nightmare in a season.

    • tonyhzs
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      Totally agree. My one skull opponents are between 4000 and 6000 often. These bases are easy, but they are not cakewalks that I can level up vets.

      I am sick of seeing alliance bases that use the same path in glitch at the start of the base followed up with snipers bombardier and/or rocketeer level 3 vets split by walls so decoy doesn't work well unless you have 3 ot 4.

      once in awhile, I run into bases that exploit other glitches, like one that had path troops in such a way that my troops ended up on top of a bunker and we're too close to hit. all the while sniper tu owes picked ofg my troops.
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    Making new accounts just to vs cake bases is so damn cheesy. You beat weak bases you get less AP. Common since. Game is falling fast!
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      All of these issues were mentioned during the first alliance season. The devs never chimed in once on any of the posts that were made. They were told point blank by Odytsak that if the alliance battles were not tweaked some how for very high level players to be able to actually compete, secondary accounts would be used to give us back our 3 reds like everyone else. The skull rank system is embedded very deep in this game now and honestly I think the devs are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell to do about it. Though some may cry exploit or cheat, I will say this- everyone has access to it and it's nothing more than using the screwed up ranking system of the game itself! If you're a stat whore, I could understand why you wouldn't want to start a new account,but as I stated,devs new these problems were here early on,never responded to them,and started another season without any concern!!!


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        So today I played some Nightmare and Alliance Battles and my Alliance Battles are tougher. My account is level 44. Then on my wife account I played and her 2 White Skulls are tougher than her Alliance Battles. Her account is level 28.

        In the first Season I was around level 41 I think when it started and I had generally easy time racking up nearly 2500 Alliance Points doing just the 3-5 Alliance Battles per day. My wife who started playing only after Alliances was around level 8 or 9 when the Alliance War started and by the time it ended she was level 26 or 27 (she played a lot). Being new and not spending any real $$$, her progression curve was rough but she enjoyed and managed to score close to 1500 Alliance Points.

        In Season 2, my account struggles to put points on the board like it did easily in season 1 and my wife isn't playing anymore but I have played some on her account and its so easy on her account compared to mine.

        I totally get why people are using alt accounts or purposely losing to make their Alliance Battles easier. Purposely losing isn't for me, but I like to play to relax and since things have gotten much tougher on my own account, I have opted to spend some time on my wives account. The biggest issue on my own account is that margin of error is very low and if the game glitches like truck stops or focus fire freezes then it gets really disappointing and frustrating. Also the harder bases really play with how utterly dumb the AI is in terms of what they target vs what they should target, and watching them be so dumb can also be frustrating.

        I don't know what the solution is but I do know that the Alliance Tier Rewards are not worth any particular efforts made to win. I mean random chance of just playing normally gives as good or better rewards more routinely then competing vigorously for 20+ days against other Alliances to get 1 Epic - Legendary Perk that is most likely Poison Resist.
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          The way I see it, the strongest alliances based on player's attack win:loss ratio should win. That way people want to level up, build better bases and have people compete to get stronger to be able to have a chance at beating tougher nightmares.
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            Very well-put arguments in the last three posts.


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              Why carnt alliance battle points be on how hard a base you attack eg 10 points 1 white skull. 20 for 2 white skull. 30 for 3 white skull etc like normal pvp you can pick how hard a base you want to attack would that not sort a few problems out.Also how can it be fair if you attack a 1 white skull base and get same alliance battle points as some1 who attacks a 3 red skull base who thort that was a good or fair idea when preparing alliance battles at guns up. Doh .


              • mendoza0206
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                Because some of us don't have 2 and 3 red skull option anymore

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              i've never faced weak bases since alliance battles have started,


              • mendoza0206
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                Yeah, and your base is also hard to beat. Players like you I respect

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              I made a post on all of these things and a video on my yt channel talking about this. More people needed to voice their opinions before season 2 started. At this point I am not sure what to say tbh. People are more worried this things that are irrelevant rather than informative videos on needed patches and fixes/bugs and such. I have included many ideas and fixes for all that has happened in season 2 before season 1 was even over but hardly anyone listened. Like I've said before, without some major key changes in how things operate especially when it comes to difficulty of bases and alliance battles many players will start to leave, make secondary accounts, or find the game is losing its appeal to the average dedicated player. I know its cool to just keep having more seasons of alliance battles but not if the game is currently 'UNBALANCED'. It like if I showed up to an Easter Egg hunt with a machete, a golf cart, and a garbage sack vs 4 yr olds....get my drift....its still fun for some but 'UNBALANCED' people...unbalanced.


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                They should add a 2 min delay to the surrender option in pvp and remove -50 tags from free match losses. The ranking is never going to be competitive when established players loose there 2 and 3 red skulls and are at a huge disadvantage how fast they can earn battles.(and the fact you can have unlimited p2w battles). I would be more inclined to use gold if It was capped at 3 p2w per day. It only takes 2 or 3 high rollers to fix seasons.
                I can earn battles 10x faster on a lvl 42 acc with 3 reds available, than I can on a lvl 64 with only 1 red available.
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                • cusman
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                  In F2P games, the high rollers getting whaled is who primarily pay for development of additional content. Having spent around $150 which is much more than a typical game, I consider myself all spent until there is some new meaningful content and then I might be willing to buy another gold pack.

                  Let the high rollers roll like they high. It funds the more meaningful development for the rest of us.

                • waynevan2000
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                  While the unlimited alliance battles can be exploited with gold I will never pay for a single match. It would at least be a gold sink for me if there was a daily cap.
                  An alliance leaderboard based on performance rather than wallet size would be a more sound investment for me to part with my bits of gold. I'd rather throw it into a unit crate for the rewards you get for doing a whole season lol.

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                Who ordered the code Red? I want the truth! You can't handle the truth!
                Never get old that one.


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                  Nothing really can be added, the match up system is a joke. I'm level 46 with nearly 58000 tags, and all my alliance battles match ups in season 2 are beyond ludicrous. Is this game now favouring cheats?...Because the evidence says yes.


                  • YoshiOne69
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                    Talk to me when you reach preposterous . As in " season 2 are beyond preposterous "
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