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    From the various discussion threads, I got the general sense that things are much harder for higher level players and in Season 2, I can definitely tell that things are harder for me than they were in Season 1, but I don't yet consider it broken / unfair as it applies to my level 44 account.

    To see the difference, I played on my wife level 28 account and saw how consistently easy her Alliance Battles are. What I found more weird is that her 2 White Skull opponents were generally the hardest on her PvP list (harder than her Nightmares).

    Even as her account has now got to level 29 and got 3 skull nightmare unlocked, her Nightmare seem to be easier than her 2 White Skulls and her Alliance Battles are easier than anything above the free difficulty of her PvP list.

    Comparing to what I get on my PvP list, I find the Alliance Battles are either harder or equivalent to the Nightmares which seems fair (except it not counting towards daily missions related to nightmare bases).

    To me the way it is working for my account seems appropriate and the way it is working for my wife account seems broken. Her 2 White Skulls shouldn't be hardest thing she faces and her Alliance Battles shouldn't be that easy.

    I think Alliance Battles should try to be like 1-3 Red Skull opponents (for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fight respectively and all extra fights be 3 Red Skulls) and only easier if the player is really new and doesn't even have Nightmare opponents unlocked yet.
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    Same kind of video, now while Level 45 and facing increasingly tougher opponents

    The opponents for Alliance Battles continue to be Nightmare equivalent and increasingly tougher in general but I have also managed some meaningful upgrades for my units which scaled things back in my favor a bit. Also, now I do some 2-3 White Skull PvP battles as needed to stock up on Veterans before I take on another Alliance Battle or Nightmare opponent.

    I totally believe the people that are higher level than me still are facing some really tough bases because I do get attacked by some IMMORTALS and other top Alliances, some of whom I am not yet able to retaliate against successfully (not the way I loadout), but its not like they were necessarily able to beat my base (even some of them doing multiple tries sometimes are just string of losses for them).

    I think the defense potential in the game is just stronger right now than the offense (short of going in with ten 3-Star Veterans and Tactical Boots + 2-3 Focus Fires + 2-3 Decoys and no glitches). Hopefully the developers will continue to fix the glitch issues on Focus Fire and Rally and Path Finding and Derp AI, but also maybe some more offensive upgrades.
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      Same kind of video, now using a Level 30 account where the 2-3 White Skull continue to be tougher on average than the Alliance Battles or even Nightmares.

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        Alliance awards
        The rewards of the alliances are very bad! A lot of effort to be among the top 5 in the world. And still in the second season diminished more the prize. Unfortunately it does not compensate anymore for alliance playing.


        • cusman
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          Editing a comment
          I got more and better rewards in the course of earning Alliance Points than what the Silver Tier Rewards Package gave, but to me that is a good thing. If you enjoy playing the game, then you should also enjoy playing Alliance Battles. There is no reason to over do or over spend while doing it.