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    Looking for some new blood to join our Alliance! We've gotten silver the first 2 seasons but I've gotten rid of the dead weight. I scored 2690 last season myself and kept only those that scored over 1000! If you think you can get 1000 in season 3 then apply and let's get Gold and MakeGUgreatagain!

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    Wow...I mean thats really asking a lot. Considering that if the normal person plays all three battles and takes in the max points...that in of itself is pretty amazing (1350). Will I spend gold to keep fighting...sure...but its really luck when you don't know what your up against. I think asking people to join any group/alliance and put that much effort scares people off. I was part of Hunters of Honor...and I left them because I couldn't play daily and didn't want to hold them up as they moved from 8th to 3rd (amazing). I joined a few other groups to feel them out...just wasn't what I was looking for. I do belong to the grave diggers...and I hope my knowledge in the game can help a few to score those points I might miss out on.


    • mendoza0206
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      1000 points per season is very doable as long as people are active and play at least 5 alliance battles per day and win most. it takes a lot to make the gold tier and if some members are only putting less than 500 pts per season it discourages the others who are putting 2k or more

    • cusman
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      I had 2000+ points in Season 1 and just under 2000 in Season 2. My wife account where some she played and some I played was also 1000+ in both season. So definitely doable for anyone that is active enough on daily basis without a lot of grinding. That said, I don't believe in having a level or a contribution requirement for my alliance.

      The reward tiers don't really matter. The fact is you get better rewards while playing actively routinely than you do from the reward tiers, so other than prestige of having Platinum or Gold badge, I am fine with the Silver Tier my alliance has managed easily in both season thus far.