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Successful defense should earn Alliance pts

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  • Successful defense should earn Alliance pts

    Just a thought... Each successful defense of your base should earn 10 to 30 pts Alliance points depending on the stars you earn. Will encourage people to keep strong bases and not make weak ones in hopes of fighting weaker competition.

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      agree in principle but it would further ruin the game at this time. As it stands, base diversity is an issue with most high level bases using similar tactics or layouts. If defending earns alliance points, people will all flock to the single best tactics that are cookie cutter bases. These cookie cutter bases as they are can often be tough or impossible if you don't get the right drops at the right time.

      At least right now, people are willing to try new ideas just for fun, like ContrabanJoes base. His base is fun, and can be tough if you don't come ready. Awarding alliance points to defenders discourages creativity as having a less than overpowered base without snipers, bombardiers, or ai tricking tactics would doom higher level players in the alliance rankings.

      Now, if you award more alliance points for defending with a lower base power, we'll the developers might spark some players to get creative again. However, the developers would have to offer a downgrade option for buildings as many players have maxed out their buildings


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        You're right about that Tony. I am strongly desiring new base templates and weather schemes. As I've said, all high level bases look the same to me anymore. Sure, variations occur. Post 7,000 battles for anyone though, it's a blur.


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          I have been thinking well... if the attacker wins a game by only 10 or 20 points of 30, the difference is taken by the defender.

          If the defender wins de game, he gains one extra alliance atack.

          In this way, if a veteran player scores 10 points against a humble team, he will be helping them win prizes and grow.... but, if you play against a direct rival, you have the pressure to take all the points.

          In many alliances there are players who are not able score, this generates in team abandonment and demotivation of the troop


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            I agree that successful alliance defends should earn points for the defender and have been advocating this in the communities. Each battle holds three stars. Which side wins however many stars get the corresponding alliance points. Simple, fair, equitable and independent of any other issue, concern or consideration. Period! I must be regarded completely as an entity unto itself.


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              I agree 100%, though I don't think how strong / weak your base is has anything to do with how difficult opponents you face.

              I mean my base really hasn't changed much in last 3 seasons, yet the opponents I face continue to get increasingly tougher.
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