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PROFESSIONALS Alliance Recruiting. With a twist!

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  • PROFESSIONALS Alliance Recruiting. With a twist!

    Hey guys, ContraBanJoe here on my alt account. Like most of this seasons current top Alliance Point earners, I had to start a new account recently to get the easy wins. We are looking for about 10 people to join us in the fight for PLATINUM this season. If you have a working microphone and are able to start up a new PSN account, we would LOVE to hear from you.

    Please friend request GuntsUp on the PSN and we can get the ball rolling.

    A working microphone and understanding of English are a must. Although we prefer adults over young players, exceptions will be made this season to reach Platinum status.
    Contact us sooner than later as the available slots will fill up. DO NOT JUST SEND IN AN APPLICATION, it is ok to apply, but we will not accept you until we meet and discuss the strategies necessary to destroy our opposition, using the same techniques they are using against us.


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    Just to elaborate, we intend to win the platinum, we just have to fight fire with fire.


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      Strategies? Hmmm, I wonder what they could be. LMAO!!! Just messin' with ya Joe. Best luck this season. You guys are doing well so far.


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        Damn shame these bum accounts are taking over the game. Hours and hours of grinding and perfecting your base for what? Smfh!


        • xBino
          xBino commented
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          It's the Alliance Battle format which is f'd up big time imo. Matchmaking and skull ranking is totally broken in this game, so you have to play a different game when competing for platinum tier. Also, defenses mean nothing during Alliance Battle, so an open base with zero defenses is best to keep your dogtags and ranking low.

          Keep your TTRA1N primary account to play off season, and create a low level grind account to compete during AB seasons.

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        Everything you said is sad but very true I'm afraid. I don't really have the urge to make a bum account. So I'll just play as I do until the game just doesn't interest me anymore. It's too bad but it's a glitch in the system so I see why ppl take the easy way out.


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          Sorry, Joe, but platinum doesn't mean a damn thing, if you have to use chicken-$%^& tactics, like alternate accounts to get it. Integrity matters.


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            I agree, alliance battles are a fking joke. All this manginas making new accounts calling themselves winners, and their sad commanders encouraging this BS.


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              We've made our points about Alliance Battles balance in numerous other threads. The burden is on the devs to fix the balance, but clearly the game is geared towards newer players. What can players do but play? What are the rewards for reaching the elite skill level - to lose your red skull opponents (and thus reduce your efficency in Alliance Battles)? Can you even enjoy the highest level of the game without a PS4 Pro due to troops freezing? And on and on, but the game can still be fun to play if you're willing to enjoy it.

              Good Luck to PROFESSIONALS and to all GunsUp! alliances!
              [URL=""]H TAN H EπI TAΣ[/URL]


              • cusman
                cusman commented
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                Do Rally and Focus Fire work more consistently on PS4 Pro as well?

              • kdesmo
                kdesmo commented
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                According to a PS4 Pro user, the focus fire / troops freezing issue does not occur with PS4 Pro with boost mode enabled:
                Rally probably works the same.

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              Anyone out there looking for a Platinum, were still recruiting. Immortals do not need another plat, lets pass it around. I look forward to using my main account again, but after this crap is over. RIP