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Decoration awards for Platinum tier

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  • Decoration awards for Platinum tier

    Devs, what do you think about giving a new crest for our alliance banner, or other decoration items exclusive to Platinum tier winners?

    The platinum pack is meh imo, but decoration items exclusive to the top tier would be pretty sweet and well worth fighting for

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    Nice thread, I 've already requested something like that.

    Originally posted by odytsak View Post
    Along with badges and card packs you can give us some unique reward items like “The Big Guns” Banner Emblem

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GUNS UP!™_20170512115552222.jpg
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    or “The BIG GUNS” Banner Topper (Crest)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GUNS UP!™_20170512115704111.jpg
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    I know these unique items were exclusively only on high rank beta players
    but you can create something new for the Top Alliance or Top 3 or even Top 10 Alliances.
    PS4/Steam: odytsak


    • odytsak
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      Is it a rhetorical question? lol

    • xBino
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      Yes but, I just want you to help me feel special!! LOL

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    How bout taking away decoration items from platinum winners since they are obviously cheating...

    And yes, I'm a little jealous.
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    • thedrink1979
      thedrink1979 commented
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      Its obvious that exploits will be a part of this game for a long time to come. While some of those will argue its allowed because the powers to be appear to let it ride. I think the best solution to the problem is for most to abandon the alliance gimmick and let the "cheats" or "gimmicks" have at it. There is no benefit for you or others as the rewards are really substandard. Even those that are in the best alliance they are given a hero perk and I bet they don't even have a purpose for. I haven't had a hero perk fall in ages since the Alliance thing started...($50 bucks for nearly 11 red crates; only to walk away with a much valor; 121 and counting).

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    Originally posted by YoshiOne69 View Post
    ._.Rewards are substandard ._.

    Agreed. But unique decorations? I just want my base to remain the prettiest!