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DEV. TEAM - No surrender, tactical retreat instead

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  • DEV. TEAM - No surrender, tactical retreat instead

    How about a tactical retreat instead of surrender during the attack mode?

    Picture this, you're attacking a base but you soon realize this just isn't going to be your day to win BUT instead of watching your transport truck die or surrender you hit the retreat mode. At that moment your truck turns around and heads for the safety of the exit (where it entered the base). Sounds cool right! Well here is the catch, at the same moment the retreat mode was selected the base goes crazy and every single defending infantry unit leaves their post in pursuit of the transport truck!

    Now this is where it gets interesting, the timer adds 1 -2 minutes on the countdown and during the retreat the transport truck can still dispatch troops to cover its retreat, throw out whatever you have to stop the pursuing defenders, missiles, fire bombs, decoys, whatever and if you make the exit without blowing up you still lose but only 1/2 of what you would normally lose. It doesn't count as a loss on the attackers side, just a retreat score. As in win, loss or retreated. The defenders still get a win but only 1/2 of whatever spoils they would normally get.

    If the defenders catch the transport truck and destroy it before it clears the base then everything is normal. Defenders win attackers lose, end of story, bye, bye!

    Now doesn't that sound better than surrendering. Let's face it, it's better to retreat then surrender, right?

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    Bom dia ótima ideia !!!!


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      Thanks for the support. It would be nice to hear from someone at GU on the idea, whether good or bad.


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        Seria ótimo se os programadores ou desenvolvedor respondessem nos de vez em quando.


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          I feel your pain. What's the use in writing something if nothing ever changes? I enjoy the game and only put forth ideas in order to enjoy the game more. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it. I do think the tactical retreat would be a cool idea though.


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            It sounds like a cool idea but implementing it would probably require an entire rework of the current game system...I'll def run it by the team though.


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              Estaremos sempre disponíveis para ajudar em ideias senhores administradores.


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                Wow! I thank both of you in responding to my idea. It's nice to hear a response either good or bad and I appreciate your time.