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Alliance matchmaking is cancer

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  • Alliance matchmaking is cancer

    Hello, I'd like to now if i'm the only one getting impossible alliance fight ? My base strenght is 1600 and i'm against 5000 ones, is it normal?

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    Who you face has nothing to do with how strong or weak your own base defense is. It is based on your attack success streak. If you keep winning, eventually you start facing much tougher opponents.
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      Alliance battles seem to be matching us against lv 1 nightmares. Now that we all have all 3 levels of nightmares it seems to be getting more fair. But the difficulty amongst lv 1 nightmares vary a lot depending on each of our level. My 3 white skulls and lv 3 red skull are of the same difficulty so it’s the same if I attack any of them. My opponents appear to go up and down on skull level a lot, so they might be a lv 1 red for one attack and the next attack they are lv 2 and the next lv 3.
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        What do you mean on each of our lvl they vary?

        I feel like I waste resources on 3/4 of my games, which could be won with 2-3 cards on average instead of 5. My opponents are so different in difficulty from each other. One game is easy even without ANY cards and the next requires all 5 good ones. I wish we could see details of the base we attack like in normal PvP.

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      Oooooo meu Deus bases pesadelo blablabla
      Amigo junte-se a uma aliança comprometida com a vitória !!!!!!!!!


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        @SOUZA-ZICA>> I see you just reached lvl 50. Can’t wait to meet you on the battlefield. You will just do what you all do and make new account because you get tired of loosing against true nightmares. Many before you have come and gone.


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          Can't wait for you to attack me too lvl 50 today, only 4 defeats/70, but the 2 is without ironlungs and 2 while doing HQ mission I opened base ^^ (so no loss in optimal defense state).
          I have learnt a lot through you older players from youtube, but there are still many things to try. (like flamers)

          However I prefer another attack combination most of the time than you and rabah_89 use: Riot-Grunts-Commando-Rocketeer-Surgeon. Last spot is either sergeant or machinegunner, but it seems sergeant is doing better in many ways. Sniper can be usefull in long bases without many turns plus few mortars. Sharpshooter isn't strong enough even though he survives mortar.

          What do you think?
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        Segue meus histórico de nível 50 de só dois dias chora não bebê !!!!!!!! Acho que 103 vitórias e 2 derrotas não se pode ignorar 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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          Chorão haha