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    I don't know how to reach out to them so I will post in here

    I applied for your alliance and I am hoping to get accepted

    Here is little bit about my profile you can take a look at the screenshots , 1 is my profile and the other is me defeating one of your members, so you can see that I can compete with top class players

    I only play against nightmare skull 3 opponents and I don't bring much of any specials with me and I win most of the time, the member that got defeated can see in his reply video that I only bring with me 1 rally flag I think or nothing at all I don't remember, only time I bring best and all specials is when I play alliance battle

    I contribute a lot to alliance that is why I am applying for the best one

    I am currently at +15 extra alliance battles and this is just the start I will have lot more until next alliance battle season starts

    If one of the members is reading this can you notify the alliance commander about this
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    to enter the Z Warriors have to go through the Z2 Warriors, although it is not a top 50 alliance but it is where we do our recruiting, if it reaches 2,000 points we will call it to the Z Warriors, feel free to choose to have a good day.


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      why are you deleting my comments ?

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      I just answered more clearly now.