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Greenie here - What ot look for in an Alliance?

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  • Greenie here - What ot look for in an Alliance?

    I joined a random alliance a few weeks/months ago and never did any alliance battles. Tonight I did my first set and enjoyed it. I got the sense that I wasn't part of a very active alliance or perhaps not the right one for me since I lost one battle before reaching the top soldier "person" on the gold ranky-thingy (930 I think it was). I have not idea what that means but that's were I ended up before realizing I may have joined the wrong group. I have no idea how it works but I liked the less grindy amounts of XP and the card rewards - and the sense of plahing someone else on an alliance basis.

    So, how do I find a good alliance? I'm not looking to base my life around this game, but it's something that's been fun so far, and doing more alliance battles is somethig I plan to do more of going forward. Any suggestions to good alliance communities or other pointers will be well-received. Thanks in advance. -J

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    I like your casual attitude towards the game. Some of us forget to enjoy it and grind too hard. I sugggest that you look at the alliance leaderboard and look at the gold ranked alliances. Most are casual and only do the daily free alliance battles (3-4) a day. Some of the gold 1 and legendary alliances are a lot more competitive and require 200-400 points a day.

    Joining an active alliance is key to getting better at the game. Most have group chat and community pages where they share knowledge.


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      Communication within the Alliance and realistic attainable goals. Looking at the gold alliances is probably your best bet is it will usually be an active alliance but not as overbearing as the legendary alliances are much more likely to be. And you can always jump into a legendary alliance for a few seasons for the better prizes and then go back down to a gold if its not to your liking. The gold though will probably be less stressful though overall but still provide that solid alliance battle experience.


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        Legendary alliances have active players and you shouldn't join one unless you are prepared to spend 2-3 hours a day during each season. Otherwise you just risk irritating other members and you'll eventually get kicked.

        However, the rewards are much greater with legendaries... And because the best alliances have the best players, you may learn a lot from them. I'm in Stoned Rangers (Triste Gufas) and it's more fun to be in an alliance that is fighting for a top 10 position, than in the smaller ones where ppl are not as active or even communicating at all with each other.


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          The Alliance Tier rewards are never as good as what you get playing on the way to potentially rank for Gold / Legendary etc. Unless you are a free loader in which case you will likely get kicked and not get any Alliance Tier rewards anyway.