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Alliance gestion and more !

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  • Alliance gestion and more !

    Hi guns up community !

    For my first post on this forum i want to express my gratitude on dev' for this game which give me so much fun

    There are unfortunatly some inconvenience and i want to adress one of them by launching this discussion.

    As far as i am concerned, alliance management and communication inside it are bare minimal. There is absolutly nothing that can prevents player to leave and go as they please elsewhere. Because of that, you can't really develop any kind of long terms goals with your player. And you can't really do anything to prevent that kind of childish/selfish behaviour (ie, leaving in the middle of alliance season, passive/inactive player)

    There isn't any incentive for players to invest in a long terms relationship with an alliance. That's why they leave and go for a more "active" ones until they got bored of the game and leave completly.

    Active player aren't reward too, you only get a medals icons and the benefit of playing tons alliance battle. That's not enought !

    I think loyalty and commitment should be reward in Guns up: there are tons of possible ways for doing that.

    It can bring stability in top 10 alliance and stop "multiple account/multiple alliance practices." from the same alliances and players.

    At least, i hope something can be done to put any kind of penalty on players leaving alliance as they please.

    Have a good season guys !

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    when people leave an alliance any points they earned stay with the alliance, so the person that left is the one that lost out. i agree there should be a loyalty type bonus for people that play every season


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      Seeing how commanders “transfer” command left and right to hop alliances maybe they could start charging a “command transfer fee” of at least 200g to the new person assuming command. Also a card pack rewarded to alliance members who reach and X amount of battles with their alliance, for example after each 500 battles or so. That way you encourage loyalty and try to contain this alliance hopper cancer that’s plaguing GU!


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        i get over 3k evey season and still only get the same reward as some one in the same alliance on 30 points, so annoying


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          The munitions payouts for wins, even with 4x munitions cards is severely lacking in Alliance battles.

          I get more munitions payoffs playing PvP and blowing thru less attack cards.

          This is my first full season playing alliance battles, it will be my last until I'm finished upgrading my base structures.


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            all alliance battles are 2xp so thats the real only benifit to playing them


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              Sorry guys for answering so late, i had a tons of works to do this week, i barely play on this alliance season.

              I manage to think a bit more about some ideas. You right, there are rooms to improve the game experience for long terms player, especially with those commited to play the game for what it can offer. I must say the lack of communication between ps4 players and pc can be mustered with better limits. In fact, you should be reward for loyalty and bringing the alliance top points at the end of season.

              I dont know for you but playing alliance battle can be harsh, you have to prepare for some marathons fighting! Hours of confronting the same base design with some minor difference, it can be really challenging and put your nerves on break. That's why there are 35 members on one flag. You have to count on your buddies to share the weight.

              I've look upon average top 20 alliance members, points on some guys astonished me, hours of consecutive play ! I understand that guns up push you to keep the fighting and triggered some reward mechanism.But here x2 xp and cards aren't enought with the bondary we got.

              We all grew our account but i don't think grabbing level past lets say 60 give you that much in the end, that's why perks are oftently the best goal.

              I will gladly welcome anykind of improvement on munitions but i understand the thinking behind, if you failed your assault but manage to win they won't let you have 3 stars.


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                Originally posted by revzi100 View Post
                all alliance battles are 2xp so thats the real only benifit to playing them
                The other is the thrill of going into battle blind. The risk of failure is much higher (once they Alliance Battles are about equivalent in difficulty to your Nightmare opponents).

                As for loyalty, my Alliance has a roster of mostly players that have stuck together for nearly 20 seasons now. Yes, there are people that leave and others that come in, but a core group stays and enjoys participating at our comfortable expectation of 120 points per week or considered inactive. This is enough to comfortably get Gold Alliance Badge and rewards, especially after Steam and PSN player bases merged so now more Alliances get badges than when it all first started.