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A guide: Joining a 1% (purple) alliance

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  • A guide: Joining a 1% (purple) alliance

    Let me say this first, there is nothing wrong with joining a lower ranked alliance. The rewards are not bad by any means and there are people there having fun just like you are. Most of this will still likely apply if you decide to join one of those alliances but this is more specifically about joining an alliance in the top 1% of all alliances. The top 1% of all alliances are delineated by the purple badge next to their name. Some refer to them as Legendary alliances because of the reward you get at the end of the season, a Legendary pack. Of course the first place team gets a Champion pack and the gold badge means a Gold pack and so on. If you're looking at joining a 1% alliance you should know some things before joining. The only 2 reasons that a 1% alliance has openings is because they kick people which creates an opening, or they lock it for friends or arrangements. Having watched from within various alliances over the seasons I've learned a few things. These 1% alliances generally get above 35,000 points over the season. With the majority of them having full teams of 35 players that means each one is producing 1,000 points over the course of a season. This of course is hardly ever the case and most of the time the numbers simply average out to 1,000 each.


    If you have decided that you want to join a 1% alliance look for one where you meet the required level and where you are confident that you will be able to fulfill their requirements. There are some possible language barrier alliances but even those are only for comfort in communicating as they don't discriminate for the inability for speaking/typing the language unless they say so on their welcome banner. These alliances may show up with a name such as ---- (i.e. dashes in their name), which are probably of a language other than your own, or you can tell by not being able to understand the name. You may even run into an alliance which has a stricter rule written on their banner such as, "For people from Orange County, California U.S.A. only".

    Points Expectations

    Because of the points needed to stay in the 1%, the members of the alliances have expectations of each other. These expectations come in the amount of points that they desire from their members. If you don't meet these expectations you can expect to be kicked without warning. I've been in an alliance that didn't enforce their rule at all and that was frustrating because the whole alliance needs points to get better rewards. I looked at each of the top 35 alliances for the last two seasons and for the ones that list their point requirements I've seen anywhere from 120 a day to 600 per day. 120 points a day x 10 days = 1,200 points for each person and for the last two seasons if you got this from your 35 members you would be in the 1%. Of course not everyone lists their requirements but you can be assured that they expect something from you. I am currently in Toxic and in past seasons we've had anywhere from 120 to 200 points required from each member.

    Joining In The Off Season -vs- During The Season

    Joining a 1% alliance before the season starts is not likely to happen unless you contact the commander of the alliance to arrange a spot for you. Sometimes they even require you to contact them. They may require you to send a screenshot of your current alliance points or past, or the saved up alliance battles that you're sitting on, in other words, they have their reasons and it may not even be listed here. Often you will see alliances sitting at below 35 members before a season and those spots are often saved for people who come back from breaks or jump from one alliance to another which is prearranged. If you secure yourself a spot before the season great, if not you will have to wait for the season to have already started. The openings that happen after a season has already started is either because someone got kicked, the spots did not fill up before it started or they simply go by the motto, "Don't call us, we'll call you".

    Getting Alliance Battles

    When you're in an alliance you get 3 free alliance battles each day. For me that is at 4 AM Eastern Time (eastern side of the U.S.). If you join with 0 alliance battles and expect to sit in the alliance with 0 points until that refill happens you will be sorely disappointed. You will most likely be kicked after at most an hour after joining of course some alliances take longer than others to decide to kick you. Another way to get alliance battles is by completing your daily missions. By completing each one each day you can earn up to 6 free alliance battles. If you have trouble doing the daily missions ask on the forums for help, because you need to be able to complete them daily to stay in a 1% alliance or pay gold to buy battles, which I personally do not do. By saving up even 1 day of Missions reward of 6 alliance battles you can theoretically earn 180 points. That means not only winning all 6 battles but also getting 30 points for each one which is not guaranteed. You can also get points from successful alliance battle base defenses, but I do not count on these points occurring. You're better off gathering a few days worth of battles to give yourself a little cushion. At the minimum you should have done 3 days missions and have 18 battles saved up or better yet spent the entire off season gathering up your daily alliance battles by completing missions.

    You will also earn Alliance Battles by just earning dog tags. On the WAR screen you will see the meter fill up with every dog tag earned until you gain another Alliance Battle. Every 60 dog tags earned gets you another Alliance Battle.


    You're now ready to join an alliance. Found one? Click Join! or in some cases, Apply! If you simply joined you are now in the alliance. If you applied you will sit there until a Lieutenant or higher approves your join request. Often times these alliances are waiting for a certain person to apply or they want to screen and pick the best applicants. After sitting in the application queue for 3 days you will be able to try a different alliance but if you're not accepted after a day you probably not going to be. Once you're accepted if you don't see the requirements listed (commanders please list your requirements on your banners), you should ask what their requirements are before you waste your alliance battles. Once you know what is expected put up points right away. That is how you stay in by putting up points. The next key to staying in is by communicating. The 1% alliances have active people in control of kicking/accepting and will monitor your ability to put up points. If you're having trouble or expect to miss a day say something. This game unfortunately has a lot of turnover and each season openings appear on these alliances because of it. Don't become one of them, keep fighting, keep communicating and most of all keep having fun.

    Thanks for reading.

    If anyone has anything to add to this let me know and I'll update this post.

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility If you get kicked even after meeting an alliances requirements.

    Well.... unless I'm the one who kicks you of course.
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    Maybr u forgot when u playing good other alliances wil send u pmbto join there alliances like espana sending me


    • SunnyRT
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      I've heard of this happening. When you want that #1 spot you need big point members and the top alliances are full of them.

    • RolexHoster
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      I wass first GZ but now stick in br1 no stress. Just east chilling around 4000points but when i really wonna play i go around 9000

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    As an alliance commander of a Legendary tier alliance, I wholeheartedly agree that communication is the key. If you don't tell me that you are on vacation, the only communication I have is a big zero, and the assumption is that you've moved on to another game. It is frustrating how many players quit playing, without quitting the alliance. By the time you figure out a player is inactive,they have screwed you out of hundreds of points, that an active player would be acquiring. My alliance is called Rene's Renegades and I am looking for about 7 active players. I'm looking for players who can post 1,000+ points per season. Here are the parameters for our alliance: 400 points minimum to receive rewards and maintain membership. 800 points minimum to retain your current rank for Lieutenants and War Council. 1200 points to be promoted from Soldier to Lieutenant. Top 3 scorers for the season are promoted to the War Council. This way players know what is expected, and what they need to be promoted. My alliance has pretty good communication, which is the key component in maintaining a good alliance. Also, I think it is important to set goals like: let's shoot for the Top 20.


    • SunnyRT
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      It's amazing how many players are dead at the beginning of the next season. They quit and move on. It's even more crazy that they're level 50+ when they do so. Maybe it's such a milestone that once these guys reach it the magic is gone. Also, I kind of hate the big gap in waiting for the next season to start which probably lends a hand in this happening.

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    There is not many commanders I would consider worthy of joining to go to war with. And if they demand a certain amount of points per day, we’ll that alliance is not for me either. Some days you can score more some you can score less...90 points is what I could guarantee most days, some days I could do more but not less than 90 when playing. I played GU because it’s fun not to make it a shore. Many 50+ players quit after they reach that level because they start facing tougher bases and tougher attackers so in most cases they get handed loss after loss and for them that’s not fun no more. Because they are used to winning and can’t handle equal or better competition.


    • SunnyRT
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      I still enjoy playing everyday. I haven't ever played a game everyday for a long time and right now I'm at about half a year. The daily mission rewards keep me going right now but it does feel like a chore sometimes. The Alliance part is the only thing that makes me do attacks unless it's for a mission. I've been in Toxic off and on for a while now and there are so few remaining from the first time that I joined. Every season there are people who just never return from the season's break. Toxic isn't unique in this aspect and the amount of turnover in the game is a bit unsettling.

      I want to add that It's nice to see that you still care about this game.

      Required points made me quit the top alliances at one point so I completely understand where you're coming from. It's especially frustrating when the 2nd place team down to about 35 get the same rewards. You're often left asking "why bother?"

      I used to get stressed with the required points but now with the free alliance battles from completing missions I know that I can build up missions during the off season. With it being 14 days long I can gather up 84 alliance battles during the off season. Then during the season I get 9 a day. With those extra alliance battles from the off season I feel pretty confident in being able to gather "required" points.

      People don't just quit at 50+. I found it got extremely difficult for me in the early 40s. Facing tougher bases without a lot of perks and/or units is tough. My ego wanted me to do better. I personally just got used to losing and didn't let it bother me. The benefit to losing is that you get easier matchups. Everyone plays the game differently and we need everyone in the game to make it work.