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    18/09/2018: 140 Point Daily Quota For Yorozuya Alliance - Currently Recruiting To Fill Up Team

    Hey people, there's going to be a new quota in effect after this season ends. It won't be too high, but it will be enough to get rid of those 0pt leeches that we've had recently (...)

    The quota is going to be set to 140 points every day a season week is active. Just so we're clear, this is a BARE MINIMUM, and people will risk getting kicked for falling under IF we fail to secure legendary in a season. If there are any people outside the alliance that feel they could easily manage this and just want to settle into a safe legendary Alliance, then please, feel free to seek out Yorozuya and join. We've scored legendary for every season before last, but last season we missed legendary by a single rank and suffered a bit of an exodus. (Although there was initially some confusion on the leaderboard, as a legendary team above us had their name scrubbed after disbanding just after the end of season, changing our rank from 36th-GOLD1 to 35th-LEGENDARY)

    We're currently ranked around 50th. Once we're up and running again, we'll be aiming for the top 20 or higher each season. In the meantime, we're really looking for players who can help fill our roster and secure a smooth running Legendary team that can meet the ~1000 point season quota.

    Open entry until the end of the season. Newcomers are welcome. Any newcomer that can score 1750 between now and the end of season earns a spot, no questions asked. If we manage to get Legendary this season, everyone else gets to stay too.

    This message will be edited from time to time like a blackboard for our alliance if there is something new to discuss.

    RENEGADE_18 - War Council
    Last edited by RENEGADE_18; 08-17-2018, 10:21 PM. Reason: 18/09/2018: 140 Point Daily Quota For Yorozuya Alliance - Currently Recruiting To Fill Up Team