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Fidelitas Alliance needs members!

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  • Fidelitas Alliance needs members!

    Attention Players over level 20!

    Fidelitas Alliance is in need of recruits. Gomer Pyle IQ accepted!
    Alliance is "Fidelitas"
    Minimum Level is 20.
    Recruitment Policy is "Open"

    Fidelitas is the Latin derivative of "Fidelity". In this alliance, we are loyal and kind to our fellow soldiers, and all band together to reach the goals we seek. We are not big, but we try to fight mighty!

    Soldiers will be rewarded with lieutenant rank after achieving +200 alliance points. War Council rank points requirement has not been decided yet. Please message Little_Yancey on PSN or MrMinerMan50 on Steam for more details.

    Inactive players WILL be kicked after two Alliance Battle sets. To stay active, please have at least 10 Alliance battle points, or place a message of absence in the Alliance chat.

    *I am a bit new to this forum thing, so I'm not sure how this thing works... Exactly.*

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    Will a level 99 player be kicked?


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      Good luck with your alliance. Maybe we’ll meet paths on the battlefield.


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        Originally posted by claytonhorning View Post
        Will a level 99 player be kicked?
        Clay, I want to add you as a friend of steam.Can you send me your nickname for steam?My is
        “常规的已经做的有些倦怠了~”This is Chinese
        Google translation


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          Originally posted by claytonhorning View Post
          Will a level 99 player be kicked?
          I apologize for the late response --

          A level 99 player won't be kicked; a level 10 player won't be kicked. Requirements have been updated.

          Minimum level is 10 (I believe, I'm not at my game at the moment), and players must have 60+ alliance points at the end of the season to maintain membership.
          If players have less than 60, but NOT 0, they can stay, with one more opportunity to reach the allotted point requirement before being relieved of membership.

          I have no issues with level. I'd prefer a level 99 player (In fact, I'd gladly take a level 99 player!), but I'm open to all levels so long as the minimum requirement is reached. I have plans to raise the requirements slowly as the alliance advances, i.e., players level up, earn more alliance points, and contribute in greater numbers.

          Abridged: It doesn't matter to me, so long as every player does his/her duty and contributes 60+ alliance points, they can stay for as long as they want. Promotions will be awarded to those who put forth their own effort.