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Guns Up! Season 42 RECAP

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  • Guns Up! Season 42 RECAP

    To understand Season 42, you have to understand Big Red Gum TM.

    You see, that Big Red freshness lasts right through it. Your fresh breath goes on & on WHILE YOU CHEW IT. Say goodbye a little longer, make it last a little longer, with Big Red.

    In case you still don't understand what Guns Up! Season 42 was all about, here's a video which *should* explain it all.... (click on the picture)

    Season 42 of Guns Up! really began in 1975 when the William Wrigley Jr. Company invented Big Red Gum TM, and some tryhards decided that one day they were going to be the champions. After a long, hard search for who thought they had what it takes, something was missing. The only things that could make Big Red Gum TM competitive in the slightest were a tryhard named LittleBlueTwo, a smurf named mudDonkey0311, everybody's favorite Youtube TM personality (who doesn't take this game seriously bro, yet is #5 in the world) Rabah_1989, and a commander who couldn't score points if 1-skull bases were all he fought against. Sadly, this wasn't enough to compete with "中国战狼" Alliance. A 35,000+ points difference is like comparing cherries to (excuse the pun) BIG RED apples! Not even close, man!

    It didn't have to be this way, though. You see, on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 I left "中国战狼" Alliance momentarily and sent an application to get some of that sweet, hot & cinnamony Big Red Gum TM, but unfortunately tyger_claws_4_u didn't realize who he was messing with when he rejected my application and sent me a message over PSN stating, "OOOOOOOOOPS."

    I bet you feel stupid now not having those 9,000 points of freshness while you kiss a little longer!

    I've got something you can kiss a little longer!

    Don't you understand that when you told me "My husband & I just want to play this game and we don't have the ability to add you to our alliance - you have to ask the commander" after sarcastically saying "oooooops," rejecting my application, and being War Council w/Bronze Badge makes you A TROLL? The lesson for you and everyone reading this to learn here today is that YOU CAN'T TROLL A TROLL. 中国战狼 are legit Champions and you all can take second stage.

    I came here to kick ass & chew gum and I'm all out of Big Red.

    For a more visual demonstration of what transpired this season, check out some youtube videos of fools getting pwned:



    Guns Uplands

    Special thanks to all the n00bs who got pwned on my journey to level 200.
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    Big red is the original meaning, this is the first time I've heard of it.


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      Lmbo.....I'll finish watching the videos later!


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        You may be level 200 but you still don’t understand GU! You may get the badge, yet your not a true champion. You may think you’re the king but will never be an ace. The only reason you “kick a$$” is because of all the nerfings done to sandbags, walls and tank traps. I’ve seen how you attack and even with all the vets you wouldn’t be winning 50% of battles. So you may want to reconsider who you call a noob. I’ve seen how you like to pretend to be something you’re not. To truly consider yourself a champion you have to compete and defeat what is currently considered the best and obviously that is not the case with you. You can’t seriously loose battles on purpose to get easier battles and be talking about “all the noobs” that you beat to get to level 200. It makes me wonder why hardly any of the Chinese or big red one or any of the current “champ” bases ever appear on my attack menu given my win/loss ratio. And when you want to be referring to yourself as “top 10” just remember you are only there because we who used to be the real top 10 stopped playing or couldn’t play for reasons unknown.


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          Cool story, n00b.


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            Not a story, it’s FACTS.


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            It's funny how you mistake me for someone who gives a damn.
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              Click & watch a double dose of retaliation.

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                Wanna see a good retaliation? All you gots to do is watch one of your replays. No vets, all skill.


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                  Here you go clayton, enjoy!


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                    Aww, you found my weakness. Did that earn you a Champion pack?


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                      If I want a champion pack, I GET A CHAMPION PACK. I’ve gotten it before without even playing a single game for the alliance that won it. I know top players/commanders who would be willing to let me in their champion alliance.


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                        @clayton why leave cll and join transformers?


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                          Because the guy asked for help.


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                            oh right ok