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My biggest gripe… Okay second-biggest with this game.

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  • My biggest gripe… Okay second-biggest with this game.

    My first biggest gripe is the adding of new cards makes getting cards You might want even more difficult to obtain. I've always said they should have a card shop.

    But my complaint at this time is the amount of XP needed to level up. I was on the sub- Reddit for the PS4 asking why this game get so little love their, and somebody mentioned they stop playing because it took way too long to level up.

    I couldn't agree more when you get past level 25 if you're not using double or quad XP boosts your talking 20 to 30 games minimum to level up. I run three different accounts for this game. One is at level 55, one is at level 43 and the other is at level 26. Right now to go from level 26 to 27 I'm having to win 30 games minimum against nightmare opponents which never go as planned a.k.a. I lose a crap ton. And at level 50 you need to play hundreds of games 300+ I would imagine to go up a level that is just ridiculous.

    I'm not sure what you guys were thinking but it's really discouraging for new players to have to grind out so many games.

    What do you guys/girls/fake girls think?

    Update: I think a fix for this would be to offer XP as rewards for daily challenges and general challenges. Unlike many games the only way your next be in this game is by winning or losing a PVP match. Give us some other ways to earn XP.
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    I agree but I would give the problem a different name. The overall sense of progression is awful. People generally criticise balancing issues while the problem is game design. You can't fix game design with balancing.


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      The progression is slow, but what is it worth if you don't accumulate a lot of attack cards to use along the way or earn enough perks to upgrade your soldiers to higher level perks and have enough valor to unlock their perk slots. I mean as I rank up higher, the opponents get tougher (I think).

      If my army units are not in balance to the rank increases, then it would get more frustrating to play I think. I am around rank 28 I think so maybe I don't know the pain you feel where you are at in your level 55 account, but to me it seems balanced at least up to where I am up to. I mean balance in terms of I getting enough attack cards and other stuff to keep improving my army along the way so that I can continue to be successful even going against nightmare ranked enemies if I use the right strategy (attack cards to break walls to avoid death tunnels).


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        It depends on how you look at it. If all your thinking about is leveling up then yeah it will seem to take forever but if you focus on just playing and having fun then the leveling up just happens with out you even noticing. Nightmares do give you the most experience both for your units and also as a player help you learn better on how to attack.