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How to get keys?

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  • How to get keys?

    Ano tip to get keys more quickly? I'm coming back to play guns up and I get one key a day.

    Thanks and I love this game.

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    Nightmare bases yield the most keys more often but anything higher than 2 white skulls give keys. I've had some nightmares yield 3 keys per match.


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      I need to improve then. I rarely can beat any nightmare. Maybe my units and perks are not so perfect for attack.


      • Daniel666Garcia
        Daniel666Garcia commented
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        Winning defenses will get keys, the issue is that others are encouraged to take retaliation against you

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      if you're having trouble defeating nightmare bases I recommend renting the riot shield. The unit makes all the difference in the early game.


      • marcochila
        marcochila commented
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        I already use riot. They are really good. But I'm not. Lol.

      • theAskACapper
        theAskACapper commented
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        what level are you? I recommend running grunts with minimum-wage/Run faster/damage and use these as your spam/recon units to find the bases weak point. And to take any fire/toxic barrels. Then once you have an idea of the base layout start spamming out riot shield and medics, grunts and your other unit.

        I put up a few tips on the sub- Reddit

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      Well if you don't know how to use your units YouTube it there is lots of content there. You need to earn your own keys since most people won't retaliate or atleast against a high powered base but since your base is low powere you might get retaliations here and there but still same result if you loose those retaliations. Just keep grinding


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        I'm level 49. Great tips. I'll try them out.


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          Yep. I'm watching a lot of videos and I didn't use any riots until now. But now I can see how usefull these units are. Thank you guys.


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            I have another account lv 32 and I'm beating lv 3 nightmares that have up to 6k base power with decoy, fog cloud, FF, 2k munitions they give lots of keys. I take grunts, Rangers, medic, sniper and Riot. My base is only around 2500 base power and I win 8 out of 10 defends. Send me a PSN request Pikaro-_-8 or look my stats up on the GU leaderboards


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              anyone know how to reset player to level one not base but player


              • SD-PEER81
                SD-PEER81 commented
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                Player lvls cannot be reset. You will need to use a new PSN account to start from the beginning of the game.