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Tents Spawn And How Many

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  • Tents Spawn And How Many

    Can Someone Please Tell Me What In The Hell Is Going On I'm Level 35 three level 7 tents two with bombardier and one with snipers. I have 5 long sandbags and 10 short sand bags man why in the hell am I only seeing. 6 bombardier and. Three snipers . Wtf my base takes 8:29 my stuff spawning at 90 seconds? Plus when I do computer defend I've made it to. 38:48 seconds but it's like wtf. Why do I have only nine man. I've stayed on this game three days straight made 800,000 munitions just for it to be limited troops plus $100 dollars in the game like geez dude what's the point of telling high ranks they have ten lil sand bags and five long sandbags if they can't be filled can someone tell me why this is happening????????

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    There is a limit per tent of 3 spawns. When you have sandbags or tanktraps in proximity of the tents (and not behind them) you get one unit per tent at the beginning of a defence "for free". When your regular units get killed, they will be replaced (after time). If you get your "free units" killed, they are just gone. So you can have up to twelve units at a time (3*3*1+3*1). This does apply to single spawning units. For example, if you have 3 tents with Grunts it's up to 60 units (3*3*5+3*5)
    So 3 Tents * 3 Spawns * Number of Units + 3Tents * Number of Units


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      Wave defend is a whole different thing than PvP defend. All units have different spawn times and it takes a lot of trial and error to get it right. 100$ spent and you still don't get how the units work? Take time to study IA behavior, good luck


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        Hey mendoza, can you give an example? I've never oberserved any difference in behaviour.


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          Example of what? On how to place sandbags or tank traps? Example of which cover units take first?