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2 HQ Squad cards?

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  • 2 HQ Squad cards?

    Are you really supposed to be able to have 2 HQ Squad cards active at the same time? I'm looking at this fella "edthekj" right now, and he have the one with surgeon+engineer+2 mercenary AND the one with sergeant+engineer+6 assault(?).

    When I try to activate 2 HQ Squad cards at the same time, it will only tell me "These cards do not stack".

    Update: I just played the guy, and I have to tell you: it was hard going in with a slow-play state of mind.
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    No you are not suppose to be able to have 2 HQ squad cards. If possible I would recommend posting a vid about it so SD can take a look at it. There was a bug if I recall for a short period of time where players were able to do this but you should not be able to stack multiple HQ squad cards. Having 2 HQ squad cards active at a single time in my opinion is cheating and I would report something like that right away.

    ​- Mr__Yuck__

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    • Chlaenius
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      I would agree it's an unfair advantage, but I always tend to look at it as though the player in question isn't at fault, but rather the game itself.

      Shouldn't Steve et al. be able to see the double HQ Squad cards from the gamertag posted above? I still haven't taken time to learn how to make quick clips in Sharefactory...

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    It's a known bug.
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      Originally posted by odytsak View Post
      Thanks for the link.

      As to the bug, can we expect a fix sometime soon? As mentioned, it"s a quite big unfair advantage.


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        I encountered one such cheater (?) in all the time I have played. I had reported it as a Bug while providing video documentation of the encounter.

        Stacked HQ Squad Command Cards

        It just trained me to look at details before I go into fight.
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        • Kumiankka98
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          This is UNACCEPTABLE! This is exploiting and the player should be punished. This made me actually quite angry.

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        The more I encounter this cheating nonsense, the more and more I love using these bases to train my vets!!

        Double HQ squad cards is a gold mine for veteran XP

        I wish I could find them more often now!! :P


        • Mr__Yuck__
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          True true lol

        • cusman
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          I agree that if you see it before you go in, and go in accordingly you can definitely use them to train up Veterans, but its easy enough to train up Veterans without them, so it is worth reporting it as a Bug for the developers to fix because HQ allowing multiple Squad Cards is definitely an imbalance.