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    I had two alliance battles to use this morning. The first one crashed at the beginning of the battle, after I had only had one or two battles. So I lost my 3,000 munitions, 3 focus fires, and tactical boots, as well as the alliance battle attempt. The second alliance battle was one of those cheater bases, designed to make your troops run laps around walls. This game needs to be fixed! The crashing is worse than it has ever been, and now it is happening in the middle of battles, instead of between them. And these bases that take advantage of glitches are ruining the game. It takes time to build up the vets and dog tags to get these alliance battles, just to get screwed by a guy that would rather cheat than have a fair fight. Fix the crashes! Fix the glitches! That should be the entire focus of the next update! No one buys new rims for a car with no engine. Fix what is broken, before any new tweaks. Guns Up is a great game, but right now it is broken.

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    Sorry about the the issues that you are having DrB. We are always working to create a better experience in GU! and we hope to do so in this aspect moving forward as well.


    • DrBGood
      DrBGood commented
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      Thanks! I really do love Guns Up! I respect your hard work and dedication.

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    GU has fixed most of know glitches units going in circles is NOT a cheat just bring enough FF. Game crashing often can't be fixed only thing that helps is to restart after every wave defend.


    • OgeDong3000
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      I hope you get matched with Daz over and over. It makes the game so much fun "NOT."

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    I always bring what I think is needed for battle and seems to work most of the time


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      You know it's not bad enough really when you lose all the hard to find items in the game to take on a "tough" base. No...its pretty bad we as players have endured this crash crap for as long as the game has been around. Granted this game touts that it has 1 million plus players currently and this could pose a problem for some obvious reasons. But lets face it...I as others do actually spend a few bucks expecting a better experience where I don't get bothered by the blue screen of death. I heard it all and I see it here already about rebooting this game after so many battles. It works actually...but between turning off and back on again...I feel like I am losing out on some good possible battles or determination to play further. I left this game last year and I returned again about a month now hoping a break would see better. I love what I'm seeing and learning about new methods to defending and beating bases like never before. But the developers really need to put their collective marbles together and get this blue screen crap behind us all once and for all.


      • mendoza0206
        mendoza0206 commented
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        Blue crash is a SONY the error number. Other crashes are GU! problem, SONY and game developers need to solve this issues game crash more often than my old NES Mario game did