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Suggesting Some Simple Changes

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  • Suggesting Some Simple Changes

    1. More keys! It sucks to keep getting crates for which there are never enough keys. How about trading in crates for keys instead of munitions?

    2. Better trade in value. It is extremely annoying to trade in 3 fatigue cards for 1 fatigue card. If we are trading in three of a card, it is because we don't friggin' want them! Give us something different!

    3. Common Card packs are 8 x's more expensive than attack packs, but half the time you just get 6 attack cards. For 40,000 munitions, you ought to get better stuff. More perks!

    4. It would be cool if you got some choice when trading in cards. You are getting 1 card for 3, so it should be an improvement. Pretty lame when you turn in 3 +8 unit cap cards to be "rewarded" with 1 +4 unit cap card.

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    I agree! 100%


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      I also agree. Maybe allow us to have more than one crate a time. So we can trade 3 or 5, just as we do with cards, to trade with keys. I receive much more crates than keys.

      It's really annoying when you trade 3 cards and receive another one from the same type. We know devs would say that everything is random but let's be honesty devs, don't you think this level of random is wrong?

      Card packs also need some tuning. And also daily rewards. I don't remember last day I receive some epic card pack from daily rewards.

      I know all this things we are discussing here appears everyday on any discussion on forums but don't you think that something that is mentioned hundred times in hundred topics deserve some attention? At least one word from devs. Another day one dev (don't remember his name, was Ze "somehing") just say that loading times and crashes were due to wrong choices of code on the early days and everybody was thankful to him. An answer, even saying no, or just explaining something, is better that no answer at all.

      Guns up is a great game. Really can't stop playing. Even when some new games are launched or any new Destiny Dlc is out I always play this game and I guess that this is the reason why everybody here asks for improvements. We want to play guns up instead of anything else. Or would be better that we don't complain about anything and just stop playing?


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        If they flood the game with keys it's not good. Crates are not meant to be opened so easily with just keys. RNG works as intended, it sucks I know I've had my share of unit crates dropping fire and poison resist. I recycle my share of rare cards and many times end up getting the same card back same as with perks and this is very annoying but don't know how if they can fix or won't fix it. This game is still great for the most part.


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          The reason you obtain crates so often and you don't have enough keys is a way to encourage players to spend gold on opening crates. The key issue has been revised over the past and by attacking more difficult opponents you do have a higher chance for more keys. Keeping the key 'rng balance' where it is at right now is a good spot. I wouldn't say any less and I wouldn't say anymore. I do think however resource crates should give 1k mun recycle, hq crate 5k mun recycle, and 20k for a unit crate recycled. This is not a big impact and would not hardly change the game.....but lets not go overboard I guess. I have also had my fair share of garbage legendary perks and 6 scavenger perks and it has taken some time to open all the crates with keys I have earned. As far as recycling cards.....that's just the beauty of win some and you lose some. Those common card packs are pretty garbage tho, I cant disagree on that omg they are terrible infact.

          ​PS Please stop goofing around and let us purchase 100 packs at a time and recycle more than 3 cards at a time with toggle or something.....I mean cmon you devs gotta know by now that this is an extremely irritating issue that could have been easily solved a long time ago!!! Seriously 100 packs at a time....and recycle more than 3 cards at a time.
          Last edited by Mr__Yuck__; 03-26-2017, 06:28 PM. Reason: Because everyone wants to buy 100 attack card packs at a time


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            Yuck I don't think we are in a good spot. Resource and Hq crates drop almost 3x to every 1 key(it hurts the card pool). I've sat here weeks and taken down stats and they are always the same. 3 crates to 1 key. Sometimes I go 4 days without a unit crate, today I only played 2 hrs and got 4 unit crates. After using 5 cards, I only get 3 cards for a successful battle and I hate seeing crates! Thats a 1,000 or 2,000 munition card which is just plain garbage in comparison. Every 3rd match is a crate, which just takes away from all the other cards in the pool. I wish we had a blackout list (5 cards we could pick to never ever receive again) that we could swap when we want. Mine would be (resource crate, hq crate, 1,000 munition, 2,000 munition, 100,000 munition) 85% of the time I see a purple card flash it's a 100,000 munition card and it's 100% disappointing. Maybe just 1 card of every rarity that we could negate would be AWESOME.


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              Reasonable complaints, but keep in mind if they change to your liking, they will have to make the game worse in some other areas.

              The developers are very attentive and they have lot of control and they don't need a "patch" to change the way game is working.

              For instance, when Alliance Battles started, I said wow, these are rewarding lot of keys when get 3 Star, and then soon after they become less frequent. Sometimes its better to just enjoy as it is rather than express any opinion about it. Someone else said, by Attack Card packs to get the Focus Fire / Munitions needed, and the rate of those dropping goes down. Someone said those 40k Common Card packs can give good rewards, and now they pretty much just more expensive Attack Card packs.

              I personally prefer their time gets spent making new content, improving alliance features to make defend a more integrated part of it, and of course making the game / servers more stable and defect free.