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  • Remove weather changes

    Ever since I started gun's up, my game crashes every time the weather in game changes from day to night, PLEASE either remove the weather changes from the game or fix it or at least make the weather change every 12 hours or something. I used a stopwatch timer to see how long it takes for it to change the weather it took 1 hour 8 minutes and 41 seconds for it to occure. When this happens it gives me an error
    (CE-34878-0). The suggestions it tells me to do is update the game or system software to latest version which I already done it so please can anyone help me with this problem.

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    That specific error is a Sony problem,not Guns Up. It has been ocurring on multiple games. The weather always changes after each session. Start game,let it load,and then close it. When you load it back,the day/night will be different. If you don't want to chance losing cards or taking loses,best advice I can give is restart game after every wave defend. Hope this helps you!!!


    • MrFYou305
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      Thank you so much for the tip and information I really appreciate it🙂

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    Play 3-5 missions daily, then stop. Otherwise crash is coming and I don't think it has to do with weather. I think anytime you play long enough (over 1 hour), no matter what you doing in the game it gets unstable and crashes.
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      One hour is the standard. You have unitl "ave defend" pops, then approximately three battles after that. From then, ce-34878-0 is on the prowel.


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        But what's the permanent fix on this "known" issue? Whether it's GU or Sony, time or weather changes, what's the permanent solution? Anyone from GU or Sony please.


        • cusman
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          I think Guns Up! developers have to be the ones looking into it regardless of where the problem lies. If it was a simple / easy memory leak problem, they would have fixed it already. It doesn't mean they don't still have it on someone list of bugs, but obviously its not super critical for them over other things they are working on either.

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        Everyone has a "expert" fix on this issue and it's sad, so annoying, so aggreviating, so frustrating. GU Sony should have fix this long time or have an Official word in how, we PLAYERS should do to at least prepare before this "issue" happens