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Latest Update Ruined Guns Up

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  • Latest Update Ruined Guns Up

    The balance has tipped too far in the favor of base defense. Nightmare opponents are now impossible opponents. Can't level up the veterans you need to attack tougher bases. Three white skull opponents are the same opponents that show up as nightmare opponents half the time. Too many AI glitches where troops run laps, use explosive barrels for cover, ignore pathways created with focus fire. It's hard enough to fight 20 snipers at a pinch point without having half my troops off gathering dandelions. You can't get enough tactical boots and munitions cards. At the level I'm at most of the attack cards are useless. What's the point of tear gas now that everyone has iron lungs? The game just isn't fun for me anymore.

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    Yep! They need to make units smarter so they don't start going to stupid paths that make them walk in circles or retreat to other longer paths, when a clear straight path to the enemy base has been opened in front of the units with focus fire attack card.

    Also some high level people were asking for anti decoy hero perk. If a perk like that is added you can kiss good bye to attacking 3 red skull bases.


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      Thank you guys for the feedback. We're always looking to make the GU! experience better and more accessible for everyone so your info is always welcome. Please keep it coming.


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        I agree. Don't want the game too easy but don't want it impossible either. Troops not going where you want them too when you use Rally Flags and FF is most annoying. Offense need some strategy too it.


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          Originally posted by SD-PEER81 View Post
          Thank you guys for the feedback. We're always looking to make the GU! experience better and more accessible for everyone so your info is always welcome. Please keep it coming.
          It's been said Peer, but imo nothing should be placed higher on the to - do list than correcting the "technical debt" GU unfortunately inherited. I played another game that was cursed with "technical debt" ( Dust 514/ ps3) for 3 yrs, in the end it was it's Achilles Tendon. I feel that you Devs can do wonders with GU, but without correcting the technical issues ( lag, frame drops, disconnects etc) it's like building a house on a bad foundation. One last thing, please stop making us buy Attack Cards one pack at a time, please


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            I still enjoy the game and love the increased depth that has come from the new features but he has a point for me it cuts both ways, my base is now a lot harder to attack than before and attacking 3 skull or even one skull opponents has become more about luck for me than actual skill. Another thing that's driving me crazy is the disobedient AI, I place a flag and my soldiers ignore it and go the wrong way instantly losing me the match as they get mowed down. Now i don't even bother attacking attacking higher than 1 red skull because I know its a waste of resources but I'm not sure if its me that's terrible at playing this game or is it a common thing.


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              As a well known player in the GU! community it will take some time to experience the full extent of the upgraded structures. As I have said in the past attacking is too easy, and most likely will not come across that many bases that have 10 sniper towers all lvl 21 for some time. Even if there were said bases I still feel confident in my attacking abilities to beat these bases but only time will tell. I think it gives a slightly better edge for defensive player than they had before this update but I do not think it is going to be overpowered. There are many tips and tricks people are not using when they are attacking plus running perks that are not truly the most effective and deploying specials in the wrong places. This is my own opinion from watching my own defensive replays and I personally consider my base a high tier defensive base. By not utilizing these things I mentioned above to the best ability I do not know what to say. The update imo was for players lvl 45 and up and if you have any problems beating peoples bases then maybe you should check out some of my attacking videos on my yt channel to crush your opponets. I think Arnold said it best Mongol General: What is best in life? Conan: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. Best of luck in season 2.



              • OgeDong3000
                OgeDong3000 commented
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                Digging all the Arnold quotes. I agree with this post, the only really tough bases are those that create patching loops. Loop bases require a lot of know how and a good deal of luck.

              • Mr__Yuck__
                Mr__Yuck__ commented
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                Yeah totally agree with ya there especially if you are going in 'blind'. Then it literally can turn into a 50/50 base where your win is dependent on the specials you receive. Its a good day when not everyone is daz :P :P :P