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Alliance vs Alliance? The definity proof that matchmaking its horrible

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  • Alliance vs Alliance? The definity proof that matchmaking its horrible

    You know, it's no news to anyone that I'm dissatisfied with the gameplay of this game to the point of having the clear impression that the developers are already ignoring me systematically due to my complaints, as an example regarding the problem of the truck and how it has interfered in the dynamics of time and distance in matches, but .... I am only one among a few who in fact realized this and the policy of convincing normality has been efficient. The first season had a serious detour of fair competition and countless players pointed out improvements to occur to make the war more interesting for everyone, such as the video of Mr_Yuck which is the most explanatory so far. One of his approaches, as well as those of the other top dog tags, is about matchmaking which is bad for some factors. So today I go into the war and I come across the following situations in my first games:

    1 -
    2 -
    3 -

    If they have not noticed the problem, they all have no affiliation with any alliance. And the worst of it is that two of them were from my alliance recently. The third opponent also did not have an alliance flag defined like the others, so I do not think it has any alliance either. I confront them just because they are part of my list of pvp absorbed into the war "between alliances". I believe there is no more complete proof that this system is unfair and totally flawed. I would like a response from the developers about this. Although, as I said above, silence may be the most obvious. You really do not want me to play any more.

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    These issues/concerns really should be looked into as they are not normal complaints and things that drastically effect the games overall gameplay.


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      Originally posted by BAGRITTUS View Post
      as an example regarding the problem of the truck and how it has interfered in the dynamics of time and distance in matches​
      Happened to me today where the Truck stopped again even as nothing no enemy structure or unit was near it. I even let me forces die out to see if it will resume moving, but no luck. That recurring random defect definitely cost me that Alliance Battle.

      I also have cases where some units themselves sometimes just stop moving. Like permanently stop moving. I also have cases where I land Paratroopers and they just stand there rather than shoot their way out like they should. Sometimes these issues cause a loss, and sometimes just stars.

      Then we have issue where game will outright crash which is always an instant loss (this and truck stopping for no reason are most frequent and frustrating for me personally). I encountered a new variant of such crash yesterday where it wasn't a blue-screen error-report crash or the red-message error prompt before game restarts, but instead just a straight reboot of the game which you can see in the last 30 seconds or so of the video below.

      The game has bugs. I believe all such cases have been reported and often with accompanying video showing the defect.

      My point is just to say, you may be the more vocal complainer but you are not alone in suffering these defects. I think everyone playing the game enough is facing similar issues. How frequently probably depends on how much they play and how upset they get over it is part of personality.

      I don't think the developers are completely ignoring, because every now and then there is some new attempt to address some of these. They just haven't completely nailed fixing all the scenarios yet and sometimes their attempt to fix makes things worse (remember when the truck started wasting time on tank traps?).

      As of now, even acknowledging that these issues need to get resolved as a high priority, I am okay to remain patient. Of course if the frequency of these issues was more routine, then I would get frustrated and just abandon the game.


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        We're not ignoring you and we def agree with you all that there are changes to be made in order to make a better GU! experience for everyone. We will continue to make these changes as we can but it most of these cases it is not a simple as "apply a fix" and then everything is fine. Since there are so many variables that can be affected by one change we have to make sure that the changes to be made do not create more issues than they resolve in the game. As such, we're taking the time on our end to try to find a balance between these issues without causing further issues for you guys. Thanks for your patience, and know that we are listening and taking into account all of your feedback.


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          I had the Truck Breakdown on me again so I uploaded a video specifically about it and created a Bug Report