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Buff unpopular or weak units with Medals!

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  • Buff unpopular or weak units with Medals!

    I have three units that i think could use a buff in a form of Medal.


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    Yes, i like that.

    For example...
    Assault 10% range
    Mercenary 10% damage
    Sergeant 10% reduce cooldown
    PS4/Steam: odytsak


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      Yes! Yes! Yes!


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        Marx you got in your ten charcters with that reply. 😜


        • Agent_Marx
          Agent_Marx commented
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          I know hahaha

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        Better yet, give assault a bullet proof vest medal, reducing sniper damage by 75%. It would force players to think between using early grunt force for cheap to eliminate early threats, or use assaults for the inevitable end of base barrage of sniper fire with 6 AA.

        Merc needs more than 10 percent damage, they are pretty useless.

        To be truly useful, the sergeant needs more health too, but that would throw balance off on defense as the sergeant is on many hq defend squads.


        • Kumiankka98
          Kumiankka98 commented
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          Good idea, but what about giving the assault 25% all around damage resistance with the 75% sniper/sniper tower dmg resistance. The 25% dmg resistance does not stack with the sniper/sniper tower resistance. Also give the Assault model a bulletproof vest with the medal because it would make assault look pretty dope.

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        I'm ok with that 25 percent damage reduction for assaults.

        Merc medals would be tough. Really, the merc needs a bit more health, faster fire rate, and more damage. or drop the cost to 100 for 2 so they can be used as higher powered grunts