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  • GUNS UP! Steam FAQ

    We’re excited to announce that development on a Steam version of GUNS UP! is under way! The GU! family is expanding and with that growth comes more allies, new rivals, and longer lasting content and support for all our players! Here is some early info on the Steam version:

    How does this impact the PS4 community?
    We are expecting this to be a very positive addition for the PS4 community. It allows us to grow the player base, which gives you more bases, more content, and by spreading out substantial fixed costs across two platforms, we can provide better support for longer.

    What’s the difference between the PS4 and Steam versions?
    The core experience will be the same for both platforms. The Steam version will support popular PC features like mouse and keyboard, multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, as well as many Steam platform features.

    What Steam features will GUNS UP support?
    The Achievements and Friends features will be supported. We’re evaluating the other steam-specific features and hope to incorporate more of them as we get closer to launch.

    When will this be available on Steam?
    No release date to announce just yet; please stay tuned.

    What kind of computer do I need to run the game?
    We’re hoping to get a better idea of the minimum requirements from our initial private access testers, but we’re confident that you should be able to run the game with anything at or higher than these specs:
    Processor: CPU Intel i7 - 4790 3.60GHz
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600
    RAM: 8gb DDR3

    How do PSN and Steam accounts interact with one another?
    Accounts on either platform should be able to interact in game the same way that PS4 accounts do today. Steam accounts will show up as attackers and defenders in the same way as PS4 players do today, and yes there is interplay between the two. i.e. You can attack or be attacked by accounts from another platform. You can also be in an alliance with people from another platform.

    System features outside of the game like friending people, sending system messages, and anything outside of the game will still work the way they do now. For example, you can’t send a PSN message to a Steam user.

    Why can’t I use my PSN account on PC?
    With Remote Play on PC you can play GUNS UP with your PSN account.

    This sounds great, how can I help make this happen?
    Check out this thread for how to sign up to help:
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    So good to hear that a PC version is under way, thank you guyz !


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      Is it to late to sign up?


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        Perhaps when you release the Steam version, you could also put in an event that'll celebrate it's release that could allow players to not only be more aware of the Steam version, but also be able to get exclusive items that may relate to the situation.

        The event could be similar to most other events, where you can stack Event cards to win a Event pack.

        The common Event card could be called Code, the card could have an image of green binary numbers or computer command codes on a black background, the effects could be the same as most other event cards where it'll give you a 50% drop rate for specials or can be combined for the nest card.

        The rare Event card could be called Program, this could show a complete line of code or a full program active on a screen, this card's ability could work like the Army Surplus card, but instead of giving a low cost, it could give a lower spawn time of 10% or 20% instead as well as be combined to make the last card.

        The last card could be called Application, where it could give you a reward of 10,000 munitions, 5 gold, 1 Key, 1 Valor, 1 random rare or epic Perk, and 3 of any random boost.

        The Crates could have exclusive items as well, they could give out exclusive Hats like an old fashion computer monitor and anything else that could relate to this.

        There could also be special things for the Banners as well like a Crest with the Guns Up name, an Emblem of the Steam symbol or Guns Up symbol, a banner that has an end that looks like streams of code, and more you all could make up.

        Just another idea to throw out.


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          Any specific date of release for pc? I've basically been checking daily to see if I can download and play so obviously im very eager to get started. Emailed an admin, got a reply asking my info and gave my username and specs of my computer to get the beta with no response. :/


          • Kumiankka98
            Kumiankka98 commented
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            I remember that they said the PC version will be released somewhere in fall.

          • SD-PEER81
            SD-PEER81 commented
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            Hey AGL, we don't have a hard release date as of yet but were still shooting for fall 2017! If you want to get in on the beta testing send me your Steam info and PC specs in a PM and I'll get you hooked up!

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          Originally posted by AlphaGodLegend View Post
          Any specific date of release for pc? I've basically been checking daily to see if I can download and play so obviously im very eager to get started. Emailed an admin, got a reply asking my info and gave my username and specs of my computer to get the beta with no response. :/
          @SD-PEER81 ?


          • AlphaGodLegend
            AlphaGodLegend commented
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            cant remember it was a conversation through steam then email. Just pmed SD-PEER81 on here. Looking forward to a response

          • SD-PEER81
            SD-PEER81 commented
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            Responded to your PM just now! Let me know if you have any additional questions.

          • AlphaGodLegend
            AlphaGodLegend commented
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            Cant thank you enough for your quick response! Mad props to you sir. Very much appreciated

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          Can't wait to try this


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            Eu só acho que os administradores terão que ficar de olho pois o PC tem hacker s que pode pôr o jogo a perde, mais a comunidade do PC vai ser sempre muito bem vinda !!!!!!!


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              Not a very positive start. Look at the leader board. I'm sure the guy that work so hard to be #1 is not very happy. I'm not my rank drop like a rocket. Please remove them from the leader board.


              • FaxGirl_73
                FaxGirl_73 commented
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                Agree, remove them it's blatant cheating

            • #10
              Triste ver que nem lançou oficialmente já tem usuário do PC nível 200


              • UltrageuS*PC
                UltrageuS*PC commented
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                aonde vc viu isso ? so vi ate agora lvl 104

            • #11
              Logo na primeira semana que a steam lançou o jogo. Mas já foi banido. Como se aparecer outros hackers serão banidos também.


              • #12
                Hello I have toon blast fixed to play full screen if I may submit videos of each level that would be great. Here is a video of mine on youtube to show you an example: feel free to email me or use any of my videos on your site, I am the ONLY youtube channel uploading Toon Blast in full screen online- feel free to check it out- I am not just saying that. Let me know if I can help anymore. I am just trying to make friends that have similar interests as I do such as liking Toon Blast. Email me anyone at: Karaandkids@gmail.comThanks again


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                  I went to attack a base put a big hole in it’s defenses but instead of going through the whole my men created they went back 50 feet and walk to the front door to get slaughtered why?


                  • #14
                    How come there are players that seem to have more stuff than the rest of us. my base is maxed out and I have as much as I can have on the field. I’m coming I acros players that have twice as many walls twice as many gun inplacements twice as many air defenses.


                    • #15
                      When you put down a rally flag then use focus fire. It just ignores the focus fire and just keeps running to the flag and stands there....? What a waste of a focus fire!!

                      Also recycling command cards for your base still results in a crash. I reported this before but no one acknowledged or confirmed my comment was read...? Is there anybody still working on this game?