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    Why carnt alliance battle points be on how hard a base you want to attack eg 10 points 1 white skull. 20 for 2 white skull.30 for 3 white skull etc like normal pvp you can pick how hard a base you want to attack would that not sort a few problems out also how can it be fair if you attack a 1 white skull base and get same amount of alliance points as some1 who attacks a 3 red skull base who thort that was a good idea or fair idea when preparing alliance battles at guns up. Doh .See 1 problem fixed. And that would fix leveling up 2 problems fixed. Players create duplicate accounts and loosing onpurpes.3 problems fixed lol. I feel 4 you guys at guns up your probably doin your best every day to sort sh i t out there is alot ov problems and error s glitchs that may never be fixed because they carnt be fixed without making something else worse.Realy think it would be a good idea to stop adding new this a that and change some of the mechanics and fix wat can be done .Like hears 1 ov 32 problemsl lo how units can fire alot farer than there range stats say . Wat about havin the ability to stop and start transport truck 2 at enypoint lol more problems lol ok guns up team hav a good n

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    So you go into Alliance Battle mode and then get the same PvP List and the amount of points you will get for winning is based on opponent difficulty? You would still be limited to 3 free per day, and others that can be earned / bought.

    Is that an accurate understanding of your idea?