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  • Bitter Veteran - Developers and Community Unite.

    DISCLAIMER; I'm really really upset, but I will be constructive, not destructive, to the best of my ability/patience.

    Several things in this game MUST be addressed immediately, as many of us have seen the demoralizing effect on player participation. I shall elaborate in more detail, but I would expect that the developers are able to see that there are far fewer high level accounts being active these days.

    Rock/Tree Issues:
    - This game tends to reward those who take advantage of the terrain features. Those with patience can setup their bunkers, towers, and units, so that they are able to defend by firing upon attacking units. BUT THE ATTACKING UNITS CANNOT FIGHT BACK. I can see you, you can see me, I can shoot you, you can shoot me. It should be common sense. If this is NOT addressed, say good bye to anyone else plagued by this defect in logic. Keep it simple.

    Path Issues:
    - AI seems to be a little messed up since the past couple updates. I do not recall seeing this so common. My attacking units will prioritize anti air and mortars, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE IN RANGE OF THE ENEMY DEFENDERS SHOOTING ME. Who the heck comes up with the AI algorithms?
    - It seems you have 3 paths through various stages of the base. Its not hard to break the paths with the right cards, as mendoza and many others say. However, with the current AI trying to shoot AA and mortars instead of other things, its a perpetual motion machine of death for any attacker.

    DogTag Issues: (Combined with the current system of opponent selection.)
    - Its SAD when people discover it is more FUN to play the game over again. With the knowledge of the game you have at level 50+, why on earth is there incentive to start a new account. The current game provides everything you need to become a veteran and win massive numbers of alliance matches with ease at level 8. There should be incentive for level 50+ or massive attack dogtag veterans, but that would require, regardless, a massive overhaul or rethinking of the dogtag AP/DP ratio's that clearly DO NOT WORK.
    - Before I do an alliance battle on my "low" level account, I make sure it says "No appropriate opponent was found.". When I do that Alliance battle, it is a guaranteed 30 points and unbelievably easy. The AP/DP system has failed somehow. We have players in high level that are unable to fight 2 red skull or 3 red skull bases. Does this MAKE SENSE?





    With patience, and confidence.
    ContraBanJoe / ContraBanJoePRO


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    Agreed. I think that something that could be done is some kind of prestige, like many other games do. You reach a level where you have no more challenging. What about start over? Just keeping what gold/money can buy? Structures and base are reset. Same for perk slot, you'll need to unlock it all again. As you can buy units and perks that can't be reset but on the other hand this should give you more "something", maybe cards, maybe xp boosts, maybe improved daily rations.

    What do you think guys?


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      I agree with CBJoe! Pathing must be improved and terrains must be fixed and balanced.


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        I agree with most except the 1st one. If you use FF you can usually get to towers. Making AI better would make it more balanced though.


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          The key topic that I appreciate is in regards to high level players vs. low level accounts; level 50+ players have to face the A.I. pathing issues rather frequently. Not if you face my base. I'd say my base is a form of retaliation against the allowance of error-type bases. I have one path, figure it out, beat my base.

          Aquestion and answer system needs to be set up. An example of this is Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders 2. Play it or not, the developers directly address players on issues, talk about what they have fixed and how, and what problems are left over after patches. Very thorough, and let's the players know that the developers are aware of the concerns of the players, and gives them a time-frame on resolution for the bugs/issues that are left over after patches. We need this type of communication. Games that are released after a group of "gaming testers" have played a game into the ground typically don't have developers so involved with Q & A due to the nature of when and how a game was released; most of the time, with little bugs hat weren't game-changing and patched along the way.

          GunsUp! is standing right now with a lot of concerns. My account has not been used since this weekend, where I was receiving an error code repeatedly, not letting me get passed the log-in screen. A lot of us work during the week, and take the time of having a weekend off to enjoy the game. Being that this happened on the weekend, there was no team member available to any of us to at least communicate the problem. The team gets back on Monday; problem is fixed. I received an epic card pack for my troubles, though my log in bonus, which is far better, was reset. I have not logged in since last Thursday.

          My girlfriend and I put in around 80$ for this game so far, quite frankly because I am able to talk to SD-Peer at anytime, giving me the feeling that my money is well spent. I'll invest in to any game if guys like him are on board. However, what is bothers me is that this game was released with so many game-changing issues that seem unfixable. I shouldn't have to get a Playstation Pro to get the frame-rates up where they should be. I will be getting a Playstation Neon, however.

          Pathing is fine, if Rally Flags worked and troops didn't stop.

          If devs would get very involved with the long-time high-end players about all issues, list them out, and talk about fixes and deadlines, it would bring peace to a lot of the community.

          This type of interaction is now the one thing that I desire for GunsUp!

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          • DKang89
            DKang89 commented
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            the rally flags seems completely broken since the past few updates around new years. half the time the army ignores the flag, the other half of the time they stop dead or react after the flag timer is halfway gone alread

          • JMOI10
            JMOI10 commented
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            FIX SNIPERS THEY ARE OVER USED AND OVER POWER, MAN SERIOUSLY MANY BASES ARW IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WHEN THE PLAYERS BASE ARE ALLOW TO DEFEND WITH SNIPER TOWERS and on top of all that allow to use more snipers? That is ridiculously stupid, you want to make this game fun balance things like this make the sniper unit and and Marksman to be harder to use because once it settled is almost impossible to deal with PLEASE...

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          I agree on a couple things, the game should encourage people to want to level up and stay leveled up and units should NOT prioritize AA or mortars. I don't think trees, rocks or ruins need nerfing. ALLIANCE battles shouldn't be ranked the same as PvP, the more alliance points you get the harder ranked bases you should be facing according to alliance points you get no matter how many dog tags you got or difficulty level. For example you reached 5000 points, well it's time to get real nightmares as alliance opponents. Also take off the alliance menu NON alliance opponents.


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            I Agree With Joe


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              Thanks for the feedback here all, especially you CBJ! You guys bring up some really good points and the team wants you all to know that we are continuously working to make the GU! experience as enjoyable and rewarding as can be for everyone playing. I've sent all of this info, along with that previously submitted, over to the team for consideration and just want to thank all of you again for continuing to show such great support and interest in GU!


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                I read their answers and I see that they are in syntony about what is wanted, that I am very happy much beyond being enemies of alliances I see that there is a common good and it is to see reborn the game, since at the moment it is a game full of errors, A long time ago I did a post where many participated and gave their ideas about the problems that the game has, my opinion is the same as yours, many mistakes, things without meaning and much more important WE ARE NOT HEARD, SO MAKE THOUSAND POST STILL BEING THE SAME, DO NOT LISTEN TO US.

                Now I ask the developers, what is the most important thing in a game ?, YOUR PLAYERS FOR GOD, something so simple to know, I have read hundreds of posts with ideas and reporting errors and are simply ignored, I understand well that my words are not for destroy.

                To conclude continue saying the same thing, as long as you do not listen to your players we are destined to abandon the game not for revenge or anything, just that we are simply not heard.

                Peace brothers


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                  I want to quickly respond to this part: "We have players in high level that are unable to fight 2 red skull or 3 red skull bases. Does this MAKE SENSE?".

                  The 2 and 3 red skull nightmare opponents can stay permanent on your attack list when an update to the game makes sense for it to happen. Can anyone remember or guess when and why 1 red skull nightmare opponents made sense to stay permanent to the attack list?


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                    I don't mind losing, but I agree with CBJ that it is particularly frustrating when the reason for loss is primarily from things a player can easily consider a glitch / exploit or just unreasonably dumb AI.

                    My personal peeves
                    • Rockets / Grenades / Mortar / Chemist / etc don't do splash friendly fire damage while Flamer does (even without any Decoy use)
                    • Truck stops moving (although that seems to have been fixed)
                    • Truck stops moving because some opponent building that has no shot at it hasn't been destroyed (rare because many times it ignores past, but sometimes it gets scared still)
                    • Focus Fire is ignored by the troops that try to walk around or freeze in place instead of start firing in general direction of target they were given
                    • Not obeying a Rally flag remaining insistent on moving around path finding derp mode
                    • Path finding in derp mode
                    • Not shooting back at things that are in your range because you would rather march past / forward. Like why shoot a couple of bullets back, then forget about it and keep moving forward?
                    • Ignoring things shooting at you because it is more important to get around some rock / wall and shoot at some harmless thing as the higher priority. Exploiting this is probably the strongest defense tactic in the game right now after use of walls and barb.
                    • Truck getting destroyed due to all the Sniper long range sniper fire that managed to reduce it to 0 health even while you are otherwise winning the offensive.
                    • Rocketeer / Grenadier defenders having extended attacking range in some scenarios while my Rocketeer / Grenadiers don't have same in return?
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                    • DKang89
                      DKang89 commented
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                      Focus Fire is ignored by the troops
                      Not obeying a Rally flag
                      Rocketeer / Grenadier defenders having extended attacking range

                      these are the BIGGEST issues currently because we are all expected to attack for alliance battles and these cards are the only ways we have to actually develop an attack strategy beyond sending the army into the meat grinder funnel.
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                    i agree with all of this...i have spent alot of money on this game because it is a great game and i will support people who do good things....but things have gone downhill the last few months...i dont know what happened but i am feeling like i got ripped off...between all the error codes and the glitches in the game and the frustration of spending half my playing time messing with the stupid i can get the boots i need to even do an alliance battle....i have to pay my boy an hours wage just to sit there and open packs for should be able to purchase as many as you want at one time and then all the cards go into your inventory automatically...i have quite a few ideas for this game to help improve it...if any of the mods want to hear them...just let me know


                    • cusman
                      cusman commented
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                      The option to just buy 6 packs of all Tactical Boots or Focus Fire or Decoy would be helpful. Some reasonable Munitions cost.

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                    totally agree cusman...the card system needs to be reworked...and they need to take feedback from the people who play the game everyday


                    • cusman
                      cusman commented
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                      I have never doubted that they aren't paying attention to things people are saying in the forums. That is a strong reassurance. Beyond that, it really is their decision on whether they take the suggestion and also what active initiative they decide to put on back burner if they decide to allocate resources to work on the suggestion.

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                    also, need to do something like this...if you win a battle with 3 stars you should be able to pick the cards you want instead of them being randomly thrown at you...something like that


                    • Nihilism*PC
                      Nihilism*PC commented
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                      I would be down for that, but given it's October now I don't think it'll ever happen...

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                    and also, if you go into battle and dont use your specials, they should be put back into your inventory


                    • cusman
                      cusman commented
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                      Wouldn't that be nice? Although it will never give back the Passive cards like Tactical Boots which is the main shortage I have when I want to take on more Alliance Battles or Nightmare opponents that seem to use a lot of barb wire to make death traps for slow moving derp troops.