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Buff tier 3 accuracy hats!

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  • Buff tier 3 accuracy hats!

    They are the most useless type of hat! Should be common tier if you ask me. I say you increase the accuracy bonus of the tier 3 hats to 10% from the worthless 5%. This would make those hats/helmets little bit more useful.

    UPDATE: Buff all the tiers! Not just the tier 3.
    Tier 1 accuracy hat: from 1% to 3%
    Tier 2 accuracy hat: from 3% to 5%
    Tier 3 accuracy hat: from 5% to 10%
    Last edited by Kumiankka98; 04-21-2017, 05:35 AM. Reason: I have a better idea!

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    Thanks for the suggestion K! We'll look into this.


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      Yup you hit the bullseye on that one, not useful enough to use unless its the only extra one ya had! BOOST EM FOR SURE

      OR BETTER YET make them stackable like all the other cards an perks for a chance at another desired ?!!???


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        Really good suggestion. Unlike other stats where % boost potentially applies to 100+ base values, the Accuracy boost is always on <= 100 values (and I assume capped at 100). The meager boost they offer at present is just not good enough to justify using over other options (if you have them).

        Personally I stick with Health or Damage boosts depending on unit type which go up to +10% (health) and +8% (damage) respectively for a more useful stat than Accuracy so I don't think I would change any to use Accuracy hats even at the levels you are suggesting, but it will definitely be an improvement over the current even lower benefits and may help players that don't yet have good Health / Damage hats.


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          Yes accuracy hats are completely garbage and are irrelevant atm. The dev's should either boost the current amount of % increase to about 2x or.....make it to where you can combine hats to reach a new tier. 3 hats that are the same of the same tier increase to the next tier, 2 of 1 kind and 1 hat of another kind roll for a random hat. But seriously tho....accuracy hats need a buff cause I would not use them unless it stopped N Korea from sending off some nukes.


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            That pretty good one!