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Raise the build point cap

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  • Raise the build point cap

    You should be able to use more structures even though alot of players don't use all there build points I've got all these extra buildings sitting in my inventory that I can't use it would be nice to have the option to sell them back at a discount like the crates sense you can't even use em

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    This is an interesting topic but for a while it should be left at 801. There are various reasons why I think this but the main one is to see what the current balance of def vs att is going to be at very high lvls. Since most high tier players are maxed out on perks for their units, and structures (towers/bunkers) being able to go to lvl 21 now it is hard to say which way the balance will sway. I thought before this patch that attacking was too easy and as a community we see more players start to increase the lvl's of these buildings it will become harder to win on the attacking side. For the time being there should be no increase in making bases harder to defeat until enough information is gathered to see where the balance lies. However if the defending balance becomes too great and bp's are increased then the proper action would be to create a new tier of perks (lvl 6) beyond ultra to compensate for the difference.


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      I think there should be , Lets call it ,a Troop multipler . Were perks are added up for each unit used for fighting opponent . As perks increase for your troops , So does the bases player is able to play against . This would change everything ! Right now game is controlled by structure upgrade , Not by troops attacking ability . This would level the playing field . When the game first came out everything came easy , perks , munitions, attack cards and increasing players level was 4 times faster . Players took advantage , it was to easy ! Just like crates and keys needed to open them . For players new to the game , increasing players level takes for ever , Perks are harder to get ( the ones You need ) . Now new players are just easy targets For another alliance battle now ! Even if there are certain attacking levels based on players level , 1 - 10 , 10 - 20 And So on . You can still have nightmare bases for everyone . Players at level 1 fighting a level 10 opponent , Would be a nightmare , No ! Something needs to change , I'm very active with my alliance , New players just stop playing . Which is wrong !!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to all FROM IRON and The New YORK KNIGHT$
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        My opinion is that game is already struggling to perform well in more populated bases, so increasing will be a net negative. Consider the extras you have of various building types as reconfiguration options.