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Paratroopers Tactics

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  • Paratroopers Tactics

    Since I started playing the game, I have always liked Paratroopers as my favorite Aerial option and as I have used them a lot from Level 1 to Level 45 now, among Decoy and Focus Fire it is one of my 4-5 attack cards to take in for any Nightmare or Alliance Battle fights I think ever since I could use 4-5 cards.

    There are many bad ways to use Paratroopers, but there are two really good ways that I call Trojan and Flanker respectively. These are demonstrated below.

    Trojan Paratroopers

    Deploying Paratroopers behind opponent walls to destroy Structures and then burrow out through the walls to rejoin your main force.

    Flanker Paratroopers

    Deploying Paratroopers to Flank and destroy Structures that otherwise draw aggro of your main force while defending forces chew them apart.

    Used in these ways for these type of bases, the Paratroopers attack card can be a critical component to achieving victory in otherwise much tougher fights. Another great thing about Paratroopers is that you get ample supply of these both naturally while having victories as well if you choose to buy Attack Card packs unlike Focus Fire and Tactical Boots or even Decoy which tend to be in short supply.

    The only thing that would make Paratroopers better is if they could drop randomly mid-mission like other active use specials do and really good would be if we could earn Medals or equip Hats / Perks to make them even better.