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Crates, keys and valor.

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  • Crates, keys and valor.

    I'm up to level 28 and have yet to open more than one of my crates from cards received. I have only received about 20 keys or so, so by the time I opened the "cheapest" crate with 10 hard earned keys, it was very unimpressive and nearly useless. I'm hanging on to crates for if I ever get keys. But I'm guessing I'll be level 100+ before I open the crate 25 keys or 720!!!! gold. So I would need to buy the 9.99 gold starter pack just to open one crate?? I'm not long for this game then.

    I have also only ranked up 1 or 2 unit types...I cant possibly get enough valor to waste it on getting a useless hero designation for a grunt....when will that ever be useful? (no really, if I level one up when I finally get enough valor, will the cards come my way?)

    Right now I'm struggling with the x2 XP weekend... very frustrating.... I cant attack a high ranking opponent and have it anything but a waste of resources. I can barely beat the two white skull opponent that has a 700 buy in. And sometimes these opponents bases are as good as the 2 red skull opponents I have faced, so I sometimes loose even with an extra 3000 munitions, paratroopers and bombs. So, really no point in setting my sights higher to be crushed at a choke point and enter the base with 3 grunts.

    It just seems the rewards are a bit off. at least make defending more difficult so attackers get some rewards by investing their time to earn perks. This should work as defending yields munitions even in a loss and not much is lost in dog tags

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    I have been playing Guns Up! since the Holiday / Anniversary promotion they did end of 2016. I have uploaded many videos as I go through it and they are all in sequence in the following YouTube Playlist:

    Almost all video are labeled with (Level X), so you can look for ones that are around your current level.

    That said, the level isn't as important as the perks and units (and their medals) you have. The biggest advantages as you gain higher levels are
    • Ability to recruit new units types (Grenade Launcher, Engineer, Flamer, Ranger, Sniper, Rocketeer, and Riot). These are all done with by level 30. You can rent these units before you can recruit, and that can definitely be useful early on in the game, but you can't earn medals or equip perks on rented units, so treat the rent option as more of a try before you buy. Saving up Munitions to permanently recruit new unit types should be one of your main focuses. I think you get the Grenade Launcher during tutorial, but aside that if you are not racking up munitions easily, then save what you do get for Snipers and Riots over any of the other options.
    • Ability to take in up to 6 unit types into your battles which maxes out when you reach level 34 (or you can spend gold to get earlier access).
    • Ability to take in up to 5 attack cards which maxes which maxes out when you reach level 42 (or you can spend gold to get earlier access).
    • Ability to take in up to 10 Veterans which maxes out which maxes out when you reach level 45 (or you can spend gold to get earlier access).
    • Ability to deploy up to 45 units in battle which maxes out when you reach level 49.
    So if you have Gold to spend, you can get most of the advantages of higher level early, but I never felt the need to spend Gold to get any of that. For all my recruitment, I used Munitions which is abundantly available if you have a good base capable of defending 30+ minutes of CPU Defend for instance, or even just from the PvP battles (provided you can win).

    The main way to keep your army competitive though is to earn those medals and try to equip leveled up Perks (and hats) that are within 1 tier of the opponents you are facing. Your options are
    • Play a lot or spend a lot (buy Gold with $$$)
    • Play harder opponents successfully (drop more cards at higher probability of being better than common)
    • Collect 25 keys and use on Red Unit Crates (don't use on Green or Blue)
    • Collect ~700 Gold to use on Red Unit Crates (at least until you have all the Hero Units / Perks you want)
    • Use Gold to buy Legendary Packs (done once I think) or Hero Perk Packs (never had to as I got everything I want out of the Red Unit Crates)
    • Recycle Low Utility Cards in the Card Combiner for chance to get more Perks
    • Improve your base defense. Aim for a base that can survive 30+ minutes of CPU Defend. This not only allows you to farm Munitions as needed, but you will also get lot of free rewards from unsuccessful attackers.
    • Play daily and claim the Daily Ration (get munitions, gold, boosts, or card packs).
    • Play regularly and focus on completing Daily Missions for those rewards (get munitions, gold, boosts, or card packs).
    • Focus on certain units Medal requirements and complete them for permanent improvements. Some are best done during Defend or attacking under specific constraints, but most will happen naturally over time.
    In terms of purchasing anything, the one I recommend for all players is the Specs Ops DLC which gives you unlimited supply of +6% Health. Using those until you randomly chance on better hats while opening Red Unit Crates will definitely help keep your units competitive. For the Perks, I focus on Health, Damage, Minimum Wage, and Firing Rate as the best for the way I play. Faster Reload is also very useful for certain units (Rocketeer, Flamer, and Chemist for instance).

    The game looks simple but is very deep and there is much to learn. You can spend yourself into higher tier fighting force, but it isn't necessary and if you don't improve your play it won't be that advantageous as just learning and improving as you progress at your own pace.


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      I have been around since it all began...and quite frankly the game is evolving from month to month. I stopped playing about three months into the games launch...came back 9 months later...and picked up right where I was before...and then some. I dropped a few bucks on the game to better my playing experience. I believe spending is a method to better game play contracy to Mr Cusman. I typically don't attack any red skull bases to be honest with you. The rewards and cards spent are not worth it to me or my agenda (The alliances kind of force my hand). Yet when I attack bases that are two/three white skull they are rewarding of itself to me (Get 4x rewards to speed up my leveling and making my base a true threat). I stack up my best cards and I typically run thru a base in about three minutes. Anything longer chances are good the end result will be grim be won or lost!