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Is it me or has this game turn to pure frustration and no fun?

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  • Is it me or has this game turn to pure frustration and no fun?

    Im level 45 and I find it super hard to beat 3 red skulls unless I get lucky with drops. Its like theres really to skills to beating 3 red skull bases just luck. The game is just getting more and more frustrating. I feel like developers have put to much emphasis on defending and not on attacking. We need better or stronger perks/cards to attack. Attacking is what makes this game fun to me. Whats the point of having a bunch of super strong bases when people stop attacking out of frustration because it feels like its almost impossible to beat 3 red skull bases.

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    Well i am pretty new to the game (level 22 playing a week) but sometimes i don't even win 1 white skull battles. 1 red skull battles are sometimes to easy if i compare them with 1 white skull battles.
    ​I get the feeling the game is full of bugs (rally flag does almost nothing, every time the day/night chance i get a blue screen error etc.)


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      Totally get what you are saying, and based on someone of the things said by Level 50+ or rather top 500 ranked players, I anticipate a time will come when my ceiling is reached and I get frustrated with defeats more than wins, but as long as they game keeps re-adjusting what opponents it gives me according to how I am doing, and I am able to have a full range of difficulty choices relative to me (1 white skull to 3 red skull), I expect to be okay.

      I think the players that no longer have 3 red skull or even 2 red skull have a very valid complaint, because they are missing having a wide enough difficulty selection that the rest of us continue to enjoy.

      For myself, now a Level 46, the game has done really good job at keeping me engaged with gradually increasing difficulty of Nightmare and Alliance Battles while I work to keep upgrading my army and improve my skills. Even the two white skull are now a bit tricky to do without taking in any cards (aerials or boosts are sufficient), but I don't feel need to use Focus Fire or other such cards for non-Nightmares so I still think its fine.

      Following is link to my Guns Up! playlist of uploaded videos. It's been a good journey going up in Level, adapting and improving along the way while facing tougher and tougher opponents.

      You are right though, that it seems easier to make a true Nightmare base than defeating one because my base as it is now has been attacked by some top Alliance names and they have found defeat more than not. Anybody can copy elements of it for their own base or take inspiration from some other difficult base to improve their own. Attacking on other hand just have the 5 cards you take in and everything else is a bit left up to luck. Sometimes you just have to be patient until you have enough of the right random drops before you make your move.


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        At least you have three red skulls...apparently my "bitching" has created a need to remove me from fighting off three red skull bases. On the same token...I won't bother hitting them since the rewards to me are not all that glamorous as the makers or devs tout. I can't even tell you how many times I attacked those bases (red skull) and got something great each time. I might be lucky to get one of the five cards spent on the mission...but thats my take on it.


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          You know whats fun? 3 silver skull players and above using sniper towers behind rocks and stones, that can't be destroyed unless you take handful of focus fire cards. These hidden sniper towers will kill your troops, but your troops can't destroy them. Every top player does this and then people start copying their bases.
          You know whats also funny? Players crying about "nerfin da roks" when their unfair rock sniper tower walls are taken away from them. And then after their rocks have been taken away from them and they start getting their bases defeated, they come to the forums crying about it how they are getting defeated! Hahah that is super funny! These people rely on these these rock walls to win.
          Then there is this issue where your troops won't run to the rally flag position.