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Hope for something new and exciting in next update or in a future update?

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  • Hope for something new and exciting in next update or in a future update?

    I really hope and maybe other players too, that we get something new like new units standard or hero, it does not matter to me. Only thing that matters is that we get something new that will keep the players interested in this game. There must be balance between items that can be bought with mutions and gold. For example, i think we could use more card backs that can be bought ONLY with mutions, like UNcommon card back and a Hero unit/Hero perk card back for 25.000.000 mutions each. This mution hero unit/perk card back would keep people really interested in this game.

    Yes you will buy that hero card pack or hero perk card back! From one of these two card backs you will get 1 item that is either the hero troop like the Commando or one random hero perk.

    Tell your ideas here that would make this game more interesting. How about Power suits? Robots? Zambies?

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    As much as I would love for us to have two hero perks for each guy, that would make bases next to impossible. Considering that I have an abundance of of gas/tear mask I could make my base defense next to impossible to smash with two hero perks. I'm personally for the concept of buying larger quantities of card packs. Possibly buying 5 at one time would be enticing as it would save time when I'm ready to throw down a few hundred thousand at a time. I wouldn't mind even a level 5 perk for all the things I have...though I notice a lot of people complain that would make base defense more impossible. So with that though...maybe separate the offense aspects of perks and have a separate one just for defense. It would require people to set there defense when they leave the game or subject them to some adverse effects if left in the offense mode. The idea of buying time using gold so no one can attack you is interesting from some elder game gods. I can't tell you how many times I go running into a base and there is no structures and a few grunts running


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      I'm incredibly interested in variation for GU!


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        I think the rewards for alliance battles should contain something unavailable to players not in an alliance, like a silver helmet for silver tier with something like +6 dmg, and gold helmets for gold tier +7 dmg. Also, the ability for a commander to give medals to his members would be good. For example, a 'contributing' medal to show general appreciation for particularly helpful members.


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          I want a room for exchange or send cards with other players!!!

          I always see the same letters of order on the defenders. I see more variety with less employed units.
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