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  • Lots of Fun

    GU! is one of the most fun games I've played. I had a lot of fun chasing Heroes and Hero Perks. But as I leveled up I noticed that leveling up is discouraged by loosing lv 2 and lv 3 nightmares and with the introduction of alliance battles it makes it even more unfair. I'm disgusted to see how we get "punished" for being successful by getting less rewards so I decided to quit GU!. I wish those of you who stay true to the game the best (the real gamers who compete at high levels) and those of you who started new accounts to cheat the system good luck also.

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    There absolutely needs to be high-end versatilty; that's what's great about rpgs. The longer you play, the better the gear; the bette= the gear, the better the zones you can handle, harder bosses, better loot.

    At 55+ all bases began looking the same three months ago. I was in the excitable chase of being in the top 20 of all-time, but...all of the bases began looking the same.

    The concept, art, goals, upgrading, all a lot of fun. But for a person like me, I need color-shifts, graphic variations, unlocks, a reason to keep going. I believe I'm near 10,000 battles, which does not include C.P.U defense and the meticulous base building.

    The teal-on-teal base-defense-range-indicator has to change. It's hard to tell what's what with sniper towers, bunkers, mortars all being teal.

    The solution for top-tier players is a story mode that rewards high-level prizes and new heroes with new abilities. Have a map with 30 different locations, each location requiring you to beat 5 bases, the sixth being a boss base. The boss being a unique challenge. Each area has a different weather theme.

    Sure, this takes work. Without variation GU! will lose an audience. I get how becoming a Steam Client will help. That is very great news, actually; I'm very excited about the team going to Steam.

    Problem is, I'm seeing old names fade away.

    Mendoza, you will be missed.



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      A break can be good. Stay in the loop and hopefully a new update bring you back for some additional fun.

      I still keep some of those posts in mind that showed different vehicles and map with moat / bridge. Things like that is what will prove really rejuvenating for people that are in it for the gameplay. The Alliance stuff has been positive in connecting more players with each other and also funding further development as some have opted to spend a lot of time / money for the alliance victory prestige.

      Lots of fun, and hopefully more to come with steady flow of new meaningful content.


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        What OP is complaining about however has been a problem since launch. High level players are penalized for their "attack rating" as early adopters back in the day lost red skulls at level 42ish, along with any decent attack rewards that came along with triple red skulls.

        I'll never understand the skull rating system and is probably one of the biggest mysteries to not only players, but to devs imo.


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          I have no problem loosing to good base designs, which now there is plenty of. Many people are very good base designers and even better attackers, those are the ones who should be ruling alliance battles NOT levels 30 to 50. Rewards get diminished even more now with alliance battles because it takes longer to get alliance battles since the game thinks we play against lv 1 nightmares and thus rewards us keys, munitions, experience and cards according to lv of opponents. I've always liked attacking the hardest bases I could find even if I kept loosing but since alliance battles is a competition, it's very hard to compete when rewards are very unevenly given.


          • xBino
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            It's sad to see you go. You're one of only a handful of players who beats my base (or regularly assaults it for that matter), and I've actually really enjoyed designing and redesigning around your victories. I know it doesn't solve the game's inherent design flaws, but for what it's worth, I am enjoying myself ditching my level 59 account and starting all over again.

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          GunsUp! Is the only game that doesnt require PlayStationPlus to play. It's a PvP/multiplayer and it would help a lot if PSN+ would be required as it would weed out multiple accounts.


          • xBino
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            That's one way to curb smurf accounts. Granted I'd also stop playing as well since I don't pay for PS+

          • cusman
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            None of the F2P or MMO games on PS4 require PS+ to play online. I personally think none of the games should require PS+ for online play. The value of PS+ to me is independent of option to play online in competitive / co-op modes of retail price model games (as it was / is on PS3 and PS-Vita).

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          Dungeon Defenders 2 doesn't require PS+. There are a few out there actually