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How do you play GUNS UP!?

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  • How do you play GUNS UP!?

    There has been some differing opinions on how this game is and should be played. What is considered enjoyable or fun for some may not be considered the same for others. Are there advantages or disadvantages to playing a certain way, and if so, what are they? You can get as specific or as broad as you want when analyzing certain playstyles. You can even describe your own experiences playing the game.

    Here are some specific GU! playstyles:

    - playing for free*
    - using Gold
    - competitive (There's a certain degree to how competitive GU! can be. There's a difference from playing for leaderboards or playing for "rank". You can be competitive among a group or be competitive in an individual sense.)
    - casual (Just like "competitive", there's varying levels or certain degrees to how "casual" you can play the game.)

    There can obviously be overlap in any of those four specific playstyles I mentioned and can be part of other kinds of playstyles, such as a player who plays to collect the cards or a player who focuses on playing CPU Depend or a player who doesn't care for the competitive aspects of the game.

    Also, the advantages or disadvantages of playing a certain way is not to encourage or discourage particular playstyles, but to know that you have a choice in how you want to play. However, keep in mind how "efficiency", "min-maxing", "metagames", and especially "questionable tactics" can highly skew perceived advantages or disadvantages of certain playstyles that results to changes in the game, which, depending on perspective, makes the game better or worse. Transparency would lessen those extreme perspectives to having an understanding of why certain changes to the game happen, but that's not always true when certain compromises or trade-offs are considered necessary.

    So, how do you play GUNS UP!?

    *GU! being free-to-play creates interesting gameplay choices on its own already and I wonder how many players literally played this game for "free". (Can a player who plays for free be as successful as a player who uses Gold?)

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    Here's a sample of a GU! playstyle analysis:

    'Completing Missions involving your base'

    The difficulty of completing a Mission depends on a lot of factors(like level, what units, structures, cards you have) and can be however difficult you want it to be. A disadvantage of completing a Mission could be that it leaves your base open to attack if a Mission causes you to change your base layout. An advantage to completing a Mission is you can get a specific Reward.

    If you don't want to leave your base open to attack because of trying to complete a Mission, then you can try completing the Mission with whatever current base setup you have. The disadvantage to this could be that it takes more time for you to complete a particular Mission.

    Now what if you are able to design a base that can complete a couple of Missions at the same time? A strategy like this can allow less time tweaking your base and more exposure to how you wanted your base to be defended.


    The analysis I made above about "completing a Mission involving your base" could be from the perspective of a more casual player. A more competitive-minded player might think, "Why make the Mission more difficult than it is? I know the best strategy and easiest way to complete it." Another player, maybe more casual or competitive, depending on how the player is viewed, might think, "I finally completed the Mission. It was much easier than I thought it would be."

    Another player might think, "I don't want to do this Mission. I don't need the Reward anyway. Maybe I'll skip it. The Reward from the next Mission looks interesting. Maybe I'll use Gold."

    Another player might want to make their own "challenge" and so, will try to complete the Mission in all sorts of ways, experimenting with different loadouts, troop-build compositions, use or not use of perks or cards, base layouts, etc., on top of choosing which buy-in(free, White Skull Rating or Nightmare) to attempt to complete the Mission in.

    Another player might just use or look at a "guide" on how to complete the Mission.

    In a game like GU!, I think player choice matters and this playstyle analysis shows how there's not necessarily a wrong or right way in playing.


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      I made it to top 20 on the leaderboards almost for free. I decided to suppprt GU! with $20(minus 500g voucher from GU!) because I really liked the game. I have all the ultra perks I need and just missing the Poison bullets Hero perk. You're right there is many different ways to play GU! I learned that from watching replays of people attacking my base many very good and even more not so good. It takes trial and error to see what perks work best for your style of play and what units work best for you. Also finding out what units work best against other units. You always learn more from defeats, it changes the way you attack and the harder bases you attack makes it easier to defeat top nightmare bases. The only dang missin I haven't completed is the one where you have to get an x amount of kills with HQ (needed more sniper HQ cards)
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        I play because it is a uniquely cool game that is simple to get into and has a deep progression and learning curve. I love endless games that have procedurally generated levels. In Guns Up!, there are virtually endless variety of player curated levels. It is an amazing concept and executed very well for the most part.

        I also keep engaged because the developers are still actively working on new stuff (which is also what makes it okay that some new patches bring some new problems).


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          The game itself reminded me of Command and Conquer to a small degree. While I can't produce unlimited munitions from a mining facility...I have to depend on breaking the defense of a base or kill off the enemy force trying to stop me in my tracks. I do put in money to feed my "addiction" again...but thats me. I'm in the top 500 (goal was top 600 when I began playing again) and like most I have unlocked all perks and heros. Not one for getting my base fully done or being dedicated to unlocking the medals...its fun. I would like to see all the bugs this game has had over the 18 months come to an end. The blue screen of death is not missed since I was able to play 6+ hours game free while battling a stomach bug. I made a good deal of friends here...learning tactics and methods to getting things done.


          • cusman
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            Crash bug being gone is a huge plus. I have only been with the game since last December so from my perspective the developers are going very good job of adding new content, addressing serious but hard to resolve bugs (like the crashes), and general engagement.

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          Here are more unique GU! playstyles:

          - Dominant-maximum vs Dominant-minimum
          - Equivalent of a Hero
          - Creating the Community Trend (Intended vs Unintended)
          - Reading the Leaderboard
          - Paratrooper Combo
          - HQ Bombardment
          - Naked Run
          - Stray Bullets
          - Card Substitute
          - Messages (iH)
          - Misdirection
          - Blind Spot
          - Guided Focus Fire
          - Synergy
          - Sacrifice
          - Domino Effect
          - Barrel Trigger
          - Wall Switch
          - Meat Shield
          - The Bounty
          - Base Designer
          - Base Tour
          - Anti-air Decoy
          - Back-up Plan
          - Planned/Synchronized/Forced Destruction
          - Dailies
          - Test Space
          - Card Themed Challenges
          - Versatile/All-rounder
          - Measuring Distance


          You might recognize some playstyles(strategies) already. I got more or less specific/creative in naming some of them so you can discover them on your own or create other styles. Combined, isolated, tweaked, mix-and-matched, there are many ways to play, and maybe even more to discover.


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            Sample of a GU! progression/experience analysis:

            'PVP only and Gold'

            This player, who's now at a high level, nether bothered with setting up their base layout since completing the tutorial and only played PVP. This player uses a lot of Gold and got the "best" of everything at level 1 and only attacked the "best" opponents meaning always choosing the opponent with highest difficulty rating available from the attack list buy-in. Since this player basically has an empty base, anyone that attacked this player most likely got a win.

            This player though only plays at a specific time. So, some players catch on to this player's playing habits and those players try to play at the same time this player is playing the game.


            What do you think are the advantages or disadvantages to this player's playstyle and what affect do you think this player has on the community?

            Some players might treat this player with opportunism; a player familiar with this player's name might continually pursue this player for the easy win or maybe to complete a particular Mission, while a player not familiar with this player might judge them through the Intel and upon seeing the basically empty base, decide to attack for the easy win.

            An "empty base" win might not be appealing though for some players. For example, a player might reason that they might waste an experience boost they currently have, thinking this players base is not worth attacking for the experience so they choose not to attack this player. Same reasoning could be applied to players attempting to complete particular Missions where an "empty base" is not a good option so they decide to skip or not attack this player's "empty base".

            Other players might think completely differently about "empty bases" and choose not to attack out of principal.

            If this player was low level or low rank with an empty base or "easy base" some players might think attacking them is wrong and that only the "better" players attack the "best" players only.

            Other players might just think, "A win is a win."

            Again, in a game like GU!, I think player choice matters, and although not easy to recognize, I also want to point out that context behind choice matters as well.