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Question about veterans

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  • Question about veterans

    Hi everybody,

    I've got some questions about veterans :

    1) What is the little heart near the veteran picture ?
    2) I had some veterans yesterday and they disapeared (I didn't use them in JCJ, so they didn't die, they just disapeared (I think it's linked to my 1st question about the heart but I don't understand how veterans life works).
    3) How can you get units like enginer when you defend against CPU ? Only basic soldiers pop with my tents. The only way I found is to up an enginer to veteran. Is there a way to make them pop with the tents or something else ?
    4) Always against CPU, is it possible to put a veteran to a specific spot or do they take a random spot behind the sandbags ? I would like to put an enginer to a specific spot, near buildings which needs regen. This enginer never goes to the spot I want :'(

    Thank you very much for your answer
    PS : Gun's up is a very good game

    Best regards.

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    The heart is their lives, go to your hq and click on veterans it will tell you specs. If your vets disappeared you probably got attacked and lost. You can put engineer in a tent just like any troop but you have to have unlocked him 1st. You really can't put them in a specific spot you can experiment by putting them in different tents and see where they go


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      thank you for your fast reply
      Concerning the veterans' life, a veteran loose a life only on PVP or when you get attacked by a real player ? Or does he also loose life when you defend against CPU ?
      I've just seen that you can put all the units you unlocked in tents, I never had the curiosity to check the tent's menu sorry ^^


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        Vets do not lose life against cpu, only PvP attacks and defends


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          Ok ! Well, thank you, see you (I'll probably have more question later )

          Good night