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How good is a rocketeer? (Compared to grenade launcher)

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  • How good is a rocketeer? (Compared to grenade launcher)

    Hi guys,

    Thinking about unlocking the rocketeer soon, but the stats compared to the stats of a grenade launcher seem pretty bad compared to price/deploy time.

    Are they worth using instead of grenade launchers? Or maybe use them both?

    Thanks in advance don't want to waste 400k ammo

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    If you want to take out a dozen or so grunts with one shot then the rocketeer is the guy

    Can't manage without him


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      Rocketeer is great as attacker and defender. Deploy price and time can be mitigated with perks and medals. As a defender it is deadly to invaders, but it is the most vulnerable to decoys. As attacker it does huge damage but tends to run up to its target despite its long weapon range.
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      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        I personally think Flamer is most vulnerable to Decoys. The Rocketeer to me is 2nd most vulnerable to Decoys.

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      I use Rocketeer for defense. I don't use them for attacking much (since getting Commando), but I do think they are better for attacking than Grenade Launchers, but you have to be very mindful of the deployment cost. If you have a level 3 or higher Minimum Wage Perk, then you can probably mitigate most of that high-cost of use risk. I think one of the Medals also makes them cheaper (to deploy), but you will have to use them a bunch before you have that Medal.


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        Thanks for the answers guys, I guess ill just save up for it and try it out. Got a 3 perk minimum wage but got it on my rangers, could swap that out for a 2


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          Rocketeer is better! Dead bodies fly higher.