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Can you for the love of God… Create a five pack attack card bundle?

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  • Can you for the love of God… Create a five pack attack card bundle?

    Just make any cards I get 5X when I open the attack card pack… Do you want to keep us gamers playing your game for hours opening card packs? Seriously if you need to Reload your attack cards it'll take you at least an hour plus to open enough cards to be satisfied.

    Just make every card that comes out of the pack 5X and let us just keep hitting it. Don't do something stupid and make it more expensive than buying five individuals. Not that you guys would do that but I could see developers feeling this way… Let's make it easier a.k.a. let's charge them more or let's talk in a way behind gold… Yeah you guys would probably do that.

    I post this is because I'm frustrated because I've been losing a lot of battles lately because my stupid truck keeps getting sniper attacked. But seriously this simple fix would be a lot better for longtime players.


    PS developers are named is a very boring one to reach level 40 and you need to do something about that in my opinion. Some better rewards for leveling up would be a good start. Level XXXVI I got a hold 25,000 munitions… Yes I'm excited (he said sarcastically)

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    or just mooore attack cards ....i mean now is 6 random vs 5000 and i have to same problems so long if i get what i want .... we can get maybe 24 attack cards for 20 000 its same but its faster ...


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      I dont agree with question of more numer of cards. That's engine of game, but i see boring after 46 level. By the way, i have 35, so can be blind....


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        Yes it would be great to be able to buy more attack cards at once but at what price? More bugs, extra crashes, slower game play? Also yes it's going to take a lot of time trying to level up 5 accounts at a time. You want to run your own alliance? At level 40 it's very hard to loose alliance battles no wonder every "top" alliance has mostly new accounts level 40 or lower. Thanks for ruining alliance battles.


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          just let us buy the exact attack cards we want for a bit more munitions


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            Please do this! Even if it is x10 attack card packs for 55/60k. I would still buy them! The delay between buying packs is insane