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Sniper Towers undetected by troops.

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  • Sniper Towers undetected by troops.

    People are hiding sniper towers behind walls were they can shoot my troops but my troops won't shoot back. This needs to be fix . It's stupid that my troops won't shoot back when there getting killed by sniper towers.

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    I have ranted about this several times. The developers are "aware". Doubt they will fix it.


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      This dont needs to be fix! There is war conditions of defence and attackers need to think! how manage it. Thanks trick like this, game is playable and fun.


      • Kumiankka98
        Kumiankka98 commented
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        "Playable and fun." Iol i really have to disagree with you there. There is nothing fun about getting your troops mindlessly slaughtered by snipers that cant be destroyed, without using ton of attack cards. And yeah usually these Sniper towers are protected by AA towers. So using paratrooper to win is not so simple.

      • mendoza0206
        mendoza0206 commented
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        I'm not sure you understand what the OP is talking about. Based on your level (35) and average opponent rating I don't think you have seen much.

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      The real problem is in game outside towers i have now alredy this base 2tower shooting outside they shoot enemies vehicle isnt in range but he lose his hp.. i swear u cant stand in my base without destroy my tower.i find this unfair.u cant protect your vehicle.


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        Things to know
        • Your troops only return fire after they are hit
        • Most of your troops don't have the range to return fire
        • Those of your troops that do have range to return fire, can generally be killed by the Sniper Tower in the first hit
        • Your troops like to stay with the group, so if you have others in the mix that are moving on further, even those of your troops able to return fire will not or abandon returning fire to re-join the line
        • Some troops are able to shoot in the space left between Walls and Rock Terrain and others are not
        How to cope
        • Use Aerials to attack behind the wall (paratroopers are awesome)
        • Use Focus Fire to take out the wall
        • Use lots of meat shield units (Riots) to walk past Sniper Tower
        • Use just a couple of units that you know have sufficient range and are good at shooting between the walls (Use Riots and Surgeons to keep them alive)
        Is it fair / realistic? Not really

        Is it fun? I suppose goes full spectrum of frustrating as heck and fun. Just depends on whether you get owned or own it back. In any case, it is part of the game and the more difficult bases exploit such possibilities if not worse


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          Here is the easy fix step by step
          1. Step one create a new account
          2. Step two reach level 50
          3. Step three repeat
          Do what the rest of this MANGINAS do because they can't hang in the top. It's not easy beating nightmares but also not impossible. It's about having fun and trying to figure out how to break a base. Try different troops and attack card combinations. Dont get discouraged it's only going to get worst, and that's not even the beggining of what some of the true nightmare bases will do to you. Others will split you, target your truck, lure your troops while snipers chop them up from distance.
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