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  • Alliance Battles

    Alliance Battles are kind of a joke. Before season 1 started I thought they would be alliance vs alliance. Half the guys I get matched up against aren't even in an alliance. Every day one alliance should battle against another, you can only fight each alliance member one time and if you fight all 35 members your done for the day. No extra battles and the team with the most total victories wins. Each team takes on a new team every day and at the end the team with the most wins, wins it all. You might as well call this "the team with the most free time award"

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    Yes, the weakest attackers get more points for attacking weak opponents. Some manginas run up to 5 accounts per alliance and it's being allowed. They need to come up with a battles system that matches alliances vs alliances. At the beggining they implied to put together a "strong alliance" and thus SHEMORTALS was made but then they got their asses whooped by a bunch of nobodys using cheat tactics like loosing on purpose to get easier battles and discovered that lower level players are the ones that can actually win. So SHEMORTALS and the UNPROFFESSIONALS decided to follow and adquire the same cheap cheat tactics.


    • Demokles
      Demokles commented
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      I've noticed that yesterday. Little base points reduse matchmaking level at alliance battle?

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    It also favors the people with no lives. Some people have jobs and can't play this game 12 hours a day


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      I don't mind people with no lives getting the points but to imply that the alliances with the weakest players winning alliances are the "best" is not even funny. I've lost many of times to you jeoodle4141 and I've won some also but aftet some luck and changing the attack strategy. At higher levels winning all 3 of the free battles is extremely hard and requires luck and skill. Low level players can win all the battles easily. My sons account lv 42 (Pikaro-_-8) can win almost all the time very rarely loosing a battle.


      • cusman
        cusman commented
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        Is that when your son is playing or you playing on your son's account?

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      My base has only been attacked 2 times since Season 3 started, not being matched up for some reason, level 49.


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        I had hoped, that alliance wars would have been like clan wars in Clash of clans.