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Suggestion - Wounding and POWs

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  • Suggestion - Wounding and POWs

    Idea for the game:

    When a soldier is killed, there is a small chance that they don't die and they just fall to the ground. Then (enemy and friendly) troops will just ignore them, and keep fighting- however Medics have a chance of reviving them. If you were an attacking force who lost, the defender will keep your wounded soldiers as prisoners if they have a cell built for them (which can be upgraded to hold more POWs). Also, if when attacking you injure enemy troops, then win the battle you can take their wounded as prisoners. Then with prisoners, you can:

    ​• Execute them - Nothing gained from this, just to make space for higher valued prisoners
    • Ransom them (Captured Veterans only) - Make an offer of how many Munitions you want, and the player who owns the Veteran can either pay you and get their Veteran back, or decline the offer.
    • Recruit them - Attempts to turn the POW into a Veteran, however if failed then you cannot try to recruit them again

    If anyone can expand on this idea, or has any ideas of how this idea can be different, please let me know.

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    Once you are using Surgeon Hero units, you will get some of what you are asking.
    Alliance: Helldivers
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      OK, thanks for letting me know- haven't unlocked them yet.