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Future Updates/changes. Please and thanks

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  • Future Updates/changes. Please and thanks

    Dear Team at GUNS UP!,

    Would you consider the following updates to a future patch up?

    1) provide the amount of points you will need to rank up to the next level

    2) add more money/bonuses for the infinite CPU battle.
    - Once you hit 30mins, you do not receive any money or bonus

    If anyone else has feed back about these 2 updates, please comment below. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this post!

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    1. I don't think is needed, leveling up happens either way.
    2. Infinite munitions was taken off a while ago because of munition farming. A timer on drops was also put in place for the same reason


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      Hey guys!

      I'm new here so please forgive me if im posting in the wrong thread.
      I just came to drop a few ideas, that may or maynot of been brought up before.

      # 1. A new PvP gamemode, where both players start at either end of the map, with a few scenarios:
      either first one to destroy the others base wins. Or... Have like a capture zone in the middle of the map that must be held for X amount of time.
      I think this would be really good for those, like myself who enjoy the strategic side of the game.
      (both players start with the same base layout. Same troop count, same munitions. Troops and cards players choice
      would this require a new MM system?)

      I'm not sure if this would unbalance the game or not, but you guys are smarter than i am. So im sure you'd find away to make it work.
      Anyways thats all i have for now, im loving the game just got the sharp shooter from my first crate so im mega hyped lol.
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      • ArchaicLotus
        ArchaicLotus commented
        Editing a comment
        One thing that people fail to realize is that you do not need a PS Plus account in order to play Guns Up. Many people do not have a PS Plus account and do play Guns Up. For particular types of battle modes, especially in real-time, a PS Plus account may be needed to facilitate certain types of game modes. It's complicated, research it. Needless-to-say, certain modes may be avoided for this reason.

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      Originally posted by toddtwadt View Post
      2) add more money/bonuses for the infinite CPU battle.
      - Once you hit 30mins, you do not receive any money or bonus
      If you play after 30 mins, you can earn more munition without bonuses. Try. Near 80 min come unbeliver soldiers and destroy your base. They are almost undestrucktible.