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Level's 51-100...can we get something more rewarding?

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  • Level's 51-100...can we get something more rewarding?

    Since I returned to enjoy this game and its many fun adventures...I began asking...I wondered about level 50 as far as rewards. So of course I tracked along like some of the great gamers who are levels 51-92 currently...and to my bewilderment...the rewards just are TERRIBLE. I mean if you look back to levels 50 and back there was something pretty interesting about what you would get when you hit the next level. Be it build points, or more structures, munitions or perks it was humbling and gratifying to reach the next level in most cases. The epic card pack really is not the exclusive in any means considering those at level 50 and beyond have all the stuff the epic offers. I would be nice to add that each level you get a special hat potentially (doesn't even exist and is quite useful) and every fifth level after 50 (i.e. 55, 60, 65, 70 ect.) a hero perk would fall. Time is something we all have to put in to get to those points. I wouldn't be against even putting in new hero perks that are exclusive to the leveling up process. It brings diversity a whole new meaning to this game. I do imagine that this topic was brought up months ago and I just missed it.

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    Special map customization items would be great, unlockable unit colors only available at certain levels


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      I agree I think they need to revamp the whole reward system before they release it on steam. Some levels only reward you 25,000 munitions does need to be changed in my opinion. I think one level gives you three valor? That was cool and valor was limited by a Cap.

      It's especially important because it takes so long to level up especially after level 40+ the grind is ridiculous. I think at this point all of my accounts are near 40+ each and it takes a long time.


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        7th and 8th available unit for attacker,
        also 6th and 7th special card,
        4th tent or better a camp/barracks that spawns vehicles,
        more build points per 5 levels.

        Generally there's no progression after lvl 50,
        lvl 20 player it's impossible to beat lvl 50 player
        but lvl 50 player can beat everyone in the game, even lvl 100 player.
        PS4/Steam: odytsak