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  • Last stand command cards

    Hey all,

    Can someone please explain when the last stand guys are being deployed from the hq? As of currently, they run out of my base at the very first sign of trouble. Is it a 'proximity to hq' issue or something else im looking for? I want them to stay in my base longer and come out when the enemy is targeting the very last lines of defense.

    Thanks in advance
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    A decoy will activate your last stand, since it's recognized as an attack.


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      I was under the impression if the HQ is hit by enemy fire be direct or indirect (rounds flying thru other objects hitting the base) it would activate. Though it would also appear they come out roughly when you get within sight of sniper range.


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        I have seen someone post that stray fire hittin the HQ causes troops to deploy. I'm pretty sure that is FAKE NEWS(d o u c h e b a g voice). When attacking a base with lots of hq defenders or no vets in sight, I will usually drop a decoy to lure them out. For example Askacapper once had a base with 4-5 riots with volunteer perks, I would usually drop a decoy somewhere past the last set of rocks. When enemy troops get to the end of that last set of rock HQ defenders will charge.


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          Thank you, kind sirs.


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            Paratroopers placed near HQ will definitely trigger Last Stand troops